Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Akasaka Akira a.k.a. the weirder looking one of the two Hikaru Genji members left is apparently a total methhead. "He was found with a gram of methamphetamine stimulant drugs in the early hours of Sunday morning when stopped by police on the street in Tokyo's Toshima Ward." Ahahahaha, can we all just picture him leaning out of the window of the drivers side with bloodshot eyes all like "but officer, I thought that was rock candy." And to add insult to injury Johnny's fired his ass on Monday.


Look at this picture.

and then look at these pictures



Let's start placing bets on how long it will be before Atsuhiro drops out because of some drug scandal. You know they're all doing coke.



lala~ said...

Dude, the guy is already out of the company, his profile was deleted.

Reikou said...

Man, they are hard on drugs in Japan. Did he go to jail for having it?

bobula said...

Meth seems to be the number one choice for entertainers to get caught with over there.

He used to be hot as hell, poor guy

Anonymous said...

It seems that former idol singer Akasaka Akira (34), busted for drugs at the weekend, had been having a bad year. His lawyer revealed yesterday that he and his wife of six years divorced at the end of March, with her retaining custody of their son. Akasaka has said that he first started using amphetamines in April. He is still being held at the Ohtsuka olice station. Fellow former Hikaru Genji member Sato Atsuhiro (34) apologized to his close friend via the media for not having realized the trouble he was in. He also apologized to Akasaka's fans for the inevitable cancellation of a dinner show that had been scheduled for December.

mousee said...

have you heard something about Sawajiri's porn dvd?


man, I want to know more details!! LOL


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