Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Akasaka Akira a.k.a. the weirder looking one of the two Hikaru Genji members left is apparently a total methhead. "He was found with a gram of methamphetamine stimulant drugs in the early hours of Sunday morning when stopped by police on the street in Tokyo's Toshima Ward." Ahahahaha, can we all just picture him leaning out of the window of the drivers side with bloodshot eyes all like "but officer, I thought that was rock candy." And to add insult to injury Johnny's fired his ass on Monday.


Look at this picture.

and then look at these pictures



Let's start placing bets on how long it will be before Atsuhiro drops out because of some drug scandal. You know they're all doing coke.


Catching up with Sawajiri Erika

It's been awhile since we updated the masses on the adventures of Sawajiri Erika, Japan's most famous bitch. It looks like Snaggletooth has been quite busy in the past month or so. Let's run down some of the things we've heard about her in passing:

  • 10/02/07- Weekly Asahi reports that a completely obliterated Sawajiri and 4 male members of her staff made an appearance at a Tokyo gay club. According to the weekly tabloid, she then proceeded to do a "wild" table dance, causing her slinky dress to reveal her booooobies. Her management of course denies the allegations of drinking and debauchery, but come on, would we really put it past her?

  • 10/05/07- Issued a formal apology on her website regarding her toootally cunty antics at Closed Note PR events throughout Tokyo. Wada Akiko shames her on TV and the media brands the young starlet the "Japanese Paris Hilton". Ouch. Says Sawajiri's statement, "“It’s all my fault, and I must take responsibility for my actions. I really apologize for disappointing my fans and betraying their trust. As a professional actress, my actions were not appropriate. I promise to learn from this experience.” She also mentions that she let her private life interfere with her work, but her attitude had nothing to do with the film or any of its cast or crew. Sounds like a publicity stunt to us, as the shenanigans launched Closed Note to the number 3 box office spot on its opening week.

  • A recent issue of Asahi's FLASH magazine slams the notorious diva with details of a recent SPA! interview where she not only greeted her interviewer with only a "Good Morning" in passing (omg), but made spoiled demands for water and AC throughout the interview. In a poll conducted by FLASH, it is revealed that 62.7 percent of people polled in Japan "dislike or hate" Sawajiri. That about matches up to opinion polls for Paris Hilton's popularity in the States. Says a FLASH idol critic (how can we get this job?), "She is cheeky, often late and shows bad manners during speeches or interviews, but the world of show business would be boring without her.” The man has a point.

  • 10/16/07- Sawajiri is named one of Oricon's Top Fashion Leaders despite the bad press she has recieved earlier in the month.

  • 10/18/07- The latest issue of tabloid Josei Seven uncovers pictures of Erika holding hands on a date with Takashiro Tsuyoshi, a 43 year old "hypermedia creator". He looks like a demon rapist and there is clearly no such job as "hypermedia creator".

  • 10/20/07- Sawajiri is rumored to lose her lucrative Subaru contract after being outed as a catty twat. Subaru maintains that her adverts stopped airing as a result of the campaign being over. Yeah right, you guys also told us Global Warming didn't exist. Other rumors contend Erika is going to live in a nunnery for a period of time (the Japanese version of "Rehab"?) and that she will marry her lecherous boyfriend and retire to the United States.

  • 10/25/07- Sawajiri sits for a photoshoot with Ninagawa Mika for Sabra magazine. We like to call this look "Lady Marmalade". Hey Sister, Soul Sister...Creole Lady Marmaladeeedededede!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Your videos of the day

Yao found this gem on Visual Fucks tonight and we felt we owed it to the world to show this to you. There's like some crazy serial killer like 38 seconds again who lurks in the shadows. What's up with that?

We started clicking on the related videos links and it turns out VISUAL FANS ARE CRAZY.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Comment Links Fixed!

I fixed this thing so you can comment on the main entries. We must have baleeted it when we redesigned the site. Not that there was anything you can comment on now because all the entries are old as shit. I was actually going to make a post today, and right before I pressed "Publish!" I noticed all of my information that Yao translated was from January 2005. So that's out. Ugh, fuck it, I'm going to take a nap. Bye, babies.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

No translation needed for Sawaeri's extreme bitchiness during a promo event for her new movie "Closed Note." Just sit back and watch her answer every question with one-liners.

I love how they try to explain away her curtness by telling the audience that she's been to over 100 PR events and therefore was tired. K w/e.

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