Monday, September 10, 2007

je 8

~Johnny Gossip 6~
Who's Doing Who Edition

  • Koyama Keiichiro of NEWS speedily broke it off with Uno Misako of AAA (right) only to be spotted in his "love BMW" on a late night drive with
Hasebe Yu of DRM (left). Can we be completely honest here? They both look exactly the same. I'm sure he just made an honest mistake one night in a dark club when he was drunk.
  • Kame is supposedly still having 'playdates' with former 80's pop idol Koizumi Kyoko. They were recently spotted in Kyoto's Gion district watching Kabuki. I have a feeling this is her idea as Kame is probably more of a Disney on Ice type.
  • Hey! Say! 7's Arioka Daiki and J.J. Express' Kamei Taku went on a Tokyo Disney Land double date with Hinoi Asuka and Koyama Hikaru of HINOI TEAM(omfg NIGGGHT OF FIRE), respectively. I guess you move your way up the HINOI TEAM ladder as you move up the Johnny ladder? There's no link for the jj express guy because clearly no one likes him on the internet. Except for these people, who arguably like him too much.
  • Kis-My-Ft.2's (what?) Tamamori Yuta's 'first time' apparently was 'bloody.' GRODY.
  • Hey! Say! 7's Yamada Ryosuke is supposedly an otaku. This is probably not true because everybody knows that your love of 2-D women is inversely proportional to love you receive from actual women. Not that I'm defending him; he totally looks like the kid that gets dumped in the trash can on Freshman Fridays.
  • Arashi's Sakurai Sho is reportedly having a 'serious relationship' with a certain successful CEO in her 30s. Hot.
Well there you have it, all the latest of who's doing what to whom.



Anonymous said...

i don't understand about tamamori... grody?¿ can you explained it? please


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