Sunday, July 15, 2007

[Yao] Gonna wash that woman right outta my hair

On Ayumi Hamasaki's member's only (you have to pay for that shit? wtf) website she wrote: "By the wayyy, I broke up with my boyfrienddd (yes, she did include the unnecessarily elongation of what she said.)

Talking heads are citing Ayu's random engagement to Timothy McGurr, just plain getting tired of each other after 7 years, or the fact that no JE talent will ever find ~*~happiness~*~ before Higashiyama can.

Anway, let's start betting on who hes going to bang next. I vote for a CanCam model.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting on Suzuki Emi. She's been working her way up from Juniors to Matsu Jun and needs to spread her love and crabs to some manly men now.

Anonymous said...

They broke it off just like that? and after 7 years too...
rofl!! Suzuki Emi, makes sense, but she hasn't got enough star power like Hamasaki.

Anonymous said...

Well, there goes Nagase's nest egg for retirement. Perhaps he is hoping to be able to live off of the money he'll make when Johnny's starts having reunion tours for olde members.


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