Thursday, April 26, 2007

{VERONICA} and you thought we only knew about Johnny's!


Shazna is back! After seven years, the classic visual band led by charismatic (and overly-contrasted) frontmanthing Izam has reunited in Tokyo. The band (a spanish website labels them as "los padres de oshare", whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean) performed their new single Kokoro at an event yesterday. You know, the majority of our readers are probably in middle school, so they may not remember, but when I was twelve, Shazna was the shit. No, wait, even when I was twelve I knew these clowns were ridiculous. Melty Love? Can we talk please?

Sometimes I miss being a visual kei fan. Drinking helps that, though.

Speaking of awkwardness and visual kei, I just want to make a public statement about how creepy Yoshiki's Myspace is getting. I only found out it was legit a couple of weeks ago and I've been reading the back issues of his blog....whoa. That February 24 entry just made me uncomfortable, and this is coming from a person who ten years ago used to worship the ground he walked on . Celebrity or not, the last place I want to read about your deep grief for Hide is on your Myspace profile. I don't want to say anything more though because what if he reads this and totally hates me, omg. I love you Yoshiki. :(

It's going to be very interesting though, to see how the Coachella of visual kei, JRock Revolution, does. I'm expecting many fat girls, many creepy "meetups", and many creepy "I LOVE YAOI" messenger bags. Hey, JRock Revolution! Give me a press pass and a plane ticket and I'll write whatever you want me to say! Especially since the 4th member of the OMG SUPERGROUP (so far consisting of Yoshiki, Gackt and Sugizo) is going to be announced there. Everyone seems to think it's going to be Miyavi, but I'm holding out for O-Jiro of Penicillin! How can you resist a roly-poly face like that?

Lastly on the the vis kei front, Bou, guitarist of popular band Ancafe, announced his departure from the group this week. Apparently this is really bad. The group insists they will continue on without Bou as guitarist, but judging by the 8 million angsty livejournal posts I saw about it ("current mood: melancholy"), I'm predicting Bou has successfully ruined any chance of his former bandmates making a living. Especially given the band's really tragic "Candy Raver Preschool" look. So shiny! So garish! So 1996! To be honest, I have no idea what all these new baby Jrock fans listen to; I am firmly planted in the old school. All I know about this "Bou" is that his favorite band is Luna Sea (good choice!) and his species is "Cheese". Yeah, happy trails, buddy.

That's all I've got for y'all today. unless you care that Fukada Kyoko may be dating some Red Ranger Dude. But you don't, right? Yeahhhhhhhhh.


Anonymous said...

Something is very unsettling about musicians/actors posting crazy emo shit in their myspaces/blogs.

Actually, having them at all is kind of strange to me. Worlds are colliding!

Anonymous said...

You killed my friends page . . . ;-; (and I now hear evil laughter)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Shazna lately. The one guy looks like Legolas (and to be perfectly honest, I can't tell who it actually is). Also. Izam is a father. This frightens me almost as much as Yoshiki waxing poetic about hide.

Anonymous said...

"I'm expecting many fat girls, many creepy "meetups", and many creepy "I LOVE YAOI" messenger bags."

how eloquantly stated!

mmmm that may keep me laughing for hours in my sleep deprived state of mind... thankyou

Shelby said...

I love Yoshiki a lot but goddamn, his typing style drives me up the fucking wall.

I can barely even read it, it's like listening to that disabled kid from "Malcom In The Middle" except like a billion times more annoying. I don't know if you know this, Yoshiki, but you only need one period after every sentence, and you aren't retarded.

...IF YOU ARE READING THIS THOUGH ILU but that ~thoughts are drifting~ typing style needs to go unless you pimp Choscandy in yer next blog or something. <3

Bou is one of the ugliest motherfuckers I have ever seen in my entire life, Izam looks like Monica Lewinsky. end of story

Danielle said...

Bou's probably tired of dressing like a girl. Too bad he makes a prettier girl than he makes a handsome guy. Not that it reminds me of anyone else *cough*AYA*cough*

Aki said...

Haha, los padres del oshare means something like "The fathers of oshare" LOL.

Anonymous said...

My my, your blog is the most entertaining thing I've read in a long time.

Good work. And J-rock revolution. There is a reason why Japanese artists have avoided America for so long...

Fat girls in Malice Mizer costumes.


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