Sunday, February 11, 2007

{Yao} Quittin', Clubin', and...Sawajiri Erika again?

One of Kinki Kids' managers seems to have suddenly quit because (1) he/she did not get along with the other manager (2) the rumors of Dots going out with model Takagaki Reiko (I guess even crazy ass people like Dots like the OL-fuu type but I mean she's pretty cute why wouldn't you date her?) and (3) the rumors about KK breaking up. Apparently a while before this the same manager disappeared for a while with their schedule. If you can't take the heat, don't be the KK's manager! I bet you he/she wasn't getting paid enough. I'd expect at least $60,000 a year to put up with all the faggotry a KK manager must go through.

  • The latest clubbing buddies in the JE world seem to be Tackey and Tsubasa's Takizawa Hideaki and Kanjani 8's Ohkura Tadayoshi. Eyewitnesses say they've been frequenting a certain club in Roppongi together and that Takki's fashion sense is really bad (someone mentioned tracksuits lolz). I mean the guy's name is Tackey what more can I say. I can totally see him rolling in the club in some horrible velour tracksuit with "classy" or something written on his ass.

  • Arashi's Sakurai Sho has apparently joined the MEN'S DIVISION of Sawajiri Erika's celebrity bitch pack! Sources also claim that Nishikido Ryo has put in a "membership request." ROFL ROFL ROFL Men's Division of SawaEri-kan can I be real here. This is as probable as me getting my hands on one of those purple bustier dresses Proenza Schouler made for Target that sold out in 2 seconds.
    The "men's division" of the Sawajiri-kai contains "K.T., I.H. and I.Y." Who the fuck are they?! This is why I hate Gekkan Josei; I can make speculations but I don't know if I'm right. I'm going to venture a guess that I.H. is Ito Hideaki but why would he even want to be hanging out with Horikita Maki calling SawaEri "Erika-sama"? And Sakurai Sho really? Nishikido I could totally see doing this because rumor has it he has the hots for a certain hapa gravure idol "R.D." who apparently is friends/a crony of SawaEri. If any of y'all love beating off to swimsuit clad girls and are an expert in the field, please enlighten us.


    Come on anons, the only people flaming us are spambots who are trying to sell us viagra

    Reiko said...

    First of all, what you said about Takki, that's funny because (lol), he's really not like that anymore. Secondly, now that he's 30+ yrs. older, (turned 30 on March 29), he's much much more kakkoii, handsome, and sexyiER than ever. (seriously) <3 @.@

    And one more thing. You want more 'juicy' tidbits on the latest scandalous info on Takki? Well, back in Oct. of last year, he was seen spotted by paparazzi at a convenience store w/some girl (don't know if she's his gf or just a staff member to one of his butais or stage plays) picking out what us fans 'might' think it's condoms. Yeah, he was also spotted seen in a shopping mall w/her earlier in the evening first, then headed to a karaoke place or something like that, then afterward, headed to a convenience store w/her.

    He was also seen driving off fast away from paparazzi, in his blk Mercedes older model it looks like in the mag scans I have. (yes, I still have the magazine scans from a Japanese paparazzi magazine)

    Now the killer? At the end of it all, he also was reported seen checking into a hotel room around midnight, and she followed suit later after him...separately of course. (now, how 'obvious' is THAT? lollll The chick doesn't need to hide so as not to be seen following behind him. Omg. lol)

    Anyway, he checked into a hotel around midnight, and didn't check out w/her 'til around 4:30am in the morning. @.@ Now, tell me that he wasn't doin' the hokey-pokey w/her o wat? O.o lol Gimme a break...who ya foolin', right? She found HER mojo that night, guarantee. (wished I was her tho...hahahaha) Anyways, then...he was spotted again dropping her off at her home around 5:30am.

    Well, the magazine article w/pics explains all, and the somewhat a report on their whereabouts. I just don't know who the F*** she is, that's all. lol (and no, I'm not jealous...I just think it's real funny on her part, and yet, since I'm a big Takki fan, I feel for him by stupid paparazzi like that)

    Just wanted to let you know. Oh, and if you want photos, don't hesitate to come over to my blog and make a comment on my cbox for the scans. :) Here's my blog:

    And pls call me Reiko. :D

    Reiko said...

    Oh, sorry to sound 'punchy' (sort-of) on my comment there. lol

    'Til this day, I still think about it and what happened btwn them. I kind-of wonder whether he's still seeing that chick or not...don't know.

    If so, I'm happy for him though. (honest) He's so deserving of a relationship right now...a happy one...and one that'll make him happy. And who cares what they did. So what...he's just as normal as the rest of us. They all have lives and needs too. lol :D So hey...gr8 for him if he found love that night. <3


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