Thursday, February 15, 2007

{Yao} I'll punch you in the ovary

What? Two posts in one day? And comments are enabled again? You should still talk about this in the forums though.

  • Hiroki Narimiya get hit on by a gay man; beats him and his buddies up.
    Oh Nari. The guy we all know and love from Nana, Stand Up! and countless other things I can't remember right now has won the Rumor Award of the Month in my book. Setting aside the fact that the 24 year old is supposedly a bi-sexual (aka only straight when drunk/vain) and that he ran away when he was 14 to work at some bar in Shinjuku 2-chome (I suppose you could call it the red light district. Or the gay district. Whatever.) and that he still frequents the area, according to an eyewitness a few days ago he had a tussle in 2chome...with a group of gay guys.
    "A guy who I think was gay went up to Narimiya and yelled in a very condescending (in this case, he was talking to Narimiya as if he were some hostess) manner, "Ever since you got famous you've been so cold to us. Don't be so frigid~" and tried to hug him. Then Narimiya started beating the crap out of him. His gay buddies jumped in to help their friend and it became a huge fight." - Manager of a local restaurant. Supposedly, Nari made off before the cops came.

    A classic case of 'don't disrespect'? Male PMS? Or does he really just hate the loud, obnoxious, pack-like type of gay? You decide.

  • Really? Fukatsu Eri
    She totally looked like my Japanese grammar teacher. Anyway, here I have for you a popularity ranking and estimated salary of female actresses.

    Ranking and estimated yearly salary as of 12/2006
    1. Nakama Yukie 15.6% ($1,300,000)
    2. Hasegawa Kyoko  14.6% ($1,250,000)
    3. Ito Misaki  14.3% ($1,050,000)
    4. Amami Yuki  14.0% ($880,000)
    5. Fukatsu Eri  13.8% ($780,000)
    5. Nagasawa Masami 13.8% ($550,000)
    5. Sawajiri Erika 13.8% ($550,000)
    8. Matsushima Nanako 13.2% ($1,350,000)
    9. Shibusaki Kou  12.8% ($1,200,000)
    9. Yamada Yu   12.8% ($360,000)

    Previous Rankings 5/2006
    1. (14.8%) Matsushima Nanako
    2.(14.1%) Nakama Yukie
    3.(14.0%) Hasegawa Kyoko
    4.(13.8%) Ito Misaki, Amami Yuki
    6.(12.8%) Fukatsu Eri
    7.(11.7%) Nagasawa Masami, Ishihara Satomi
    9.(10.8%) Yonekura Ryoko
    10.(10.7%) Ueto Aya

    Interestingly enough, the two actresses at the bottom of the pile were Shida Mirai and Shaku Yumiko with 1% each. Wait, why is she starring in her own drama?


    shiz said...

    ito masaki can't act and yet she's getting over a mil. WHAT IS THIS FAGGOTRY.

    oh, and i'm likin' the move of bringing comments back.

    Anonymous said...


    Victoria said...

    Comments are back? sweet. I like this system better.

    At least Matsushima Nanako is making the most out of all those females. Okay, all is right with the world (SORT OF); I love her. I have to agree with Shiz though, why Ito is reeling in such big bucks I have no idea. And go figure that Erika and Masami are tied.

    Nari? I love Nari. Except for the fact that I've only seen him in Stand Up!! and Gokusen and NANA and actually have never looked him up on his own. Oh well.

    VERONICA said...

    comments can suck my dick

    Matyaa said...

    Too much money for too many witches. I'm ok about selling my soul in order to get money ><

    I just wanted to tell you that we created a kind of french blog about rumours (but not only japanese, also about korean/thai/taiwanese blablablabla) that we need to know. Of course sometimes, as we look for things, we find your blog and also pick some things from Cho Scandaleous. Not always but sometimes ! We just wanted to tell you before there were problems or i don't know what.

    I even wonder if you care but... well, who knows ?

    Thanx for bringing up big smiles AND desesperate feelings (for instance when it's about money for actresses who can't even act... *cries*)


    Comments are being used again?

    Wow, girls really do suck at the internet


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