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{Yao} Bitch Fight II: Egos Gone Wild


So Valentines Day in Japan is Serious Business considering the fact that Japanese people love buying and giving shit (speaking of which, I need to start stocking up on omiyage before I leave). Two big candy companies, Lotte and Meiji are going head to head this season with chocolate ads. Lotte is pushing Ghana Milk Chocolate with Nagasawa as the 'mascot' girl and their rival, Meiji has promptly enlisted Sawajiri.
That's all fine and dandy except for one thing: Sawajiri and Nagasawa apparently hate the shit out of each other.

The feud all started at the end of last year during the Woman of the Year awards held by Vogue Nippon when Nagasawa reportedly gave Sawajiri a dirty look. We've already talked about Sawajiri being a bitch but apparently Nagasawa is also a diva, barking to her manager to shut off the airconditioning because she's cold backstage at 24 hour TV before even acknowledging her elder cohosts and never saying any formalities to anyone.

What's even better about this rivalry is that they both supposedly have their own little group of cronies. The Sawajiri Faction's (Sawajiri-kai) members purportedly have to call her 'Erika-sama."
"There are actresses older than Sawajiri in her faction but she pays no formalities with them." - Josei Seven
"It's said that the members of the Sawajiri Faction are largely from Nisshutsu Academy where she dropped out from. The members include Ueno Juri, Horikita Maki, Kashii Yu, Nakagawa Shoko, and possibly Wakatsuki Chinatsu and Akimoto Miri." - Gendai

Rumor has it the goal of this Sawajiri Faction is to crush their rival peers, namely actresses with the 'innocent' persona. Rumor has it that they leak scandals of such stars as Ueto Aya and Nakama Yukie in order to eliminate them for the least temporarily.

So what would you do if Sawajiri & Cronies start leaking your naked pics on the internet and says stuff like (Sawajiri reportedly said this in her dressing room about Nagasawa) "I can do both (kinds of roles). She (Nagasawa) has the whole 'good girl' image and that's the only role she can do. Don't compare me to that bitch!" (- Weekly Shinchou)? Fight back by starting your own gang. At least that's what Nagasawa did mid-December last year.

It's said that the Nagasawa Faction contains Ishihara Satomi, Ayase Haruka, Miyazaki Aoi, Toda Erika and Motokariya Yuika. Toda Erika apparently joined the Nagasawa-kai because she was harrassed by Sawajiri-kai, but Sawajiri-kai has its own problems with news that apparently Nakagawa Shoko has been having no say in anything they do. Will she defect to the other side?

If you compare the two groups they really aren't that different. Ishihara and Ueno are the resident pretty girls, Ayase and Horikita are the weird looking girls that Akiko Wada thinks are fat, Kashii Yu and Toda Erika are the resident 'do you know who I am? No?' girls. Who the hell is Akimoto Miri? At least I know everyone in the Nagasawa-kai. How much do you want to bet Horikita was a pity member amirite?

This entire Sawajiri vs Nagasawa feud has the entertainment industry on tiptoe and also quite entertained at the same time, and this Chocolate CM war is just the latest chapter in this extended catfight. Move over Avex girls, these girls fight dirty and get personal.

Sawajiri CM Nagasawa CM

I don't even know who to bet on but you should all speculate here, although in a physical fight I'd say Sawajiri's more of the type that would scratch. Somebody's weave is gonna come off.


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I had been googling about this but your blog has given the whole info..sounds really funny..the cat fight between top actresses but why Yukie are dragged in will be girls women will be women😅😅...hail u'll

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