Tuesday, February 06, 2007

{VERONICA} What a rip, man.

Arashi.vox has released the much awaited issue of an-an with Matsumoto Jun (from here on referred to as MJ for many many obvious reasons) on the cover.

For those not in the know, every year the magazine compiles a love and sex themed issue that usually goes where no Japanese woman's interest magazine has ever been before. Coupled with frank articles and insights into modern sex and relationships in Japan, the magazine chooses a male star for the cover and shoots them in a very grauvre style, something uncommon to see Johnny's Entertainment stars in! In the past, stars such as Narimiya Hiroki, Okada Junichi, and Katori Shingo have bared their buns for the glossy pages.

2006's issue depicts MJ shirtless, cuddling with Random Foreign Model and wearing "totez sexy" Dolce and Gabbana underpants. But no requisite ass shot. What is that. No ass? Who does it? Okada showed his ass. It's magnificent. Narimiya went there, came back, and then went there again, and he's gay, and not even good looking. What a rip-off! This is what I hate about him. Leave it to MJ to make my life difficult. I'm not even that into him anymore, but if you're gonna be on the cover of an an, you better get naked. That's just the law of the land.

He probably has acne scars all over his ass and they couldn't airbrush them out or something. Look at his face; it's like the dark side of the Moon or some shit.

Just for kicks, check out what the fans are saying in the talk box on the right of the site. It's so delusional, it almost makes me miss ours! What am I saying, I would rather eat my own shit than bring that talk box back, amirite?

We're handing out free issues in the forums, guys!



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