Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Some over-the-weekend Hilarious Tidbits that have taken me almost a week to post because i have Mono and am also a raging alcoholic right now--

  • Famous fortune-teller Ooizumi no Haha (nee Kinoshita Taeko) got the scare of her life recently at a meeting for a TV program. Kinoshita was going through celebrity applicants who wanted their fortunes read when she stumbled across none other than Nakashima Mika's. Kinoshita reportedly "suddenly froze and let out a cry, saying 'Oh, my head hurts, my head hurts!'" When asked by the program's staff what was wrong, she fearfully replied, "Ah, so scary, so scary! This girl has demons possessing her! It's not just one or two [demons]! Look at this face! This is the face of the Devil!" I KNEW IT THE WHOLE TIME.
  • Kimura Kaela and Su from RIP SLYME are apparently "going steady!!!1!1!!!" Josei Seven reports that the two are reportedly living in separate rooms in the same house (?) and have had their relationships approved by their respective agencies. Despite their 11 year age difference, the two have allegedly been dating for over a year now. I'm a little sad about this, because everyone knows that Kimura Kaela is made for Dots and Dots is made for Kimura Kaela. No rapper can take that away from me!
  • The Fabulous Kano Sisters misplaced their other sister over the weekend, it appears. Kano Harue was all set to be the third Kano Sister but decided to marry instead, and became their manager. She's recently gone missing though, and canceled her cell phone number. In true Kano Sister style though, they seem to be more worried about what she had with her at the time-- a ¥3mil, 10 carat diamond ring and other jewelry that belongs to the two famous sisters. The reason for her disappearance is still unknown but Harue has reportedly been acting strangely lately and has been seeing having sudden crying jags.


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