Thursday, February 15, 2007

{Yao} I'll punch you in the ovary

What? Two posts in one day? And comments are enabled again? You should still talk about this in the forums though.

  • Hiroki Narimiya get hit on by a gay man; beats him and his buddies up.
    Oh Nari. The guy we all know and love from Nana, Stand Up! and countless other things I can't remember right now has won the Rumor Award of the Month in my book. Setting aside the fact that the 24 year old is supposedly a bi-sexual (aka only straight when drunk/vain) and that he ran away when he was 14 to work at some bar in Shinjuku 2-chome (I suppose you could call it the red light district. Or the gay district. Whatever.) and that he still frequents the area, according to an eyewitness a few days ago he had a tussle in 2chome...with a group of gay guys.
    "A guy who I think was gay went up to Narimiya and yelled in a very condescending (in this case, he was talking to Narimiya as if he were some hostess) manner, "Ever since you got famous you've been so cold to us. Don't be so frigid~" and tried to hug him. Then Narimiya started beating the crap out of him. His gay buddies jumped in to help their friend and it became a huge fight." - Manager of a local restaurant. Supposedly, Nari made off before the cops came.

    A classic case of 'don't disrespect'? Male PMS? Or does he really just hate the loud, obnoxious, pack-like type of gay? You decide.

  • Really? Fukatsu Eri
    She totally looked like my Japanese grammar teacher. Anyway, here I have for you a popularity ranking and estimated salary of female actresses.

    Ranking and estimated yearly salary as of 12/2006
    1. Nakama Yukie 15.6% ($1,300,000)
    2. Hasegawa Kyoko  14.6% ($1,250,000)
    3. Ito Misaki  14.3% ($1,050,000)
    4. Amami Yuki  14.0% ($880,000)
    5. Fukatsu Eri  13.8% ($780,000)
    5. Nagasawa Masami 13.8% ($550,000)
    5. Sawajiri Erika 13.8% ($550,000)
    8. Matsushima Nanako 13.2% ($1,350,000)
    9. Shibusaki Kou  12.8% ($1,200,000)
    9. Yamada Yu   12.8% ($360,000)

    Previous Rankings 5/2006
    1. (14.8%) Matsushima Nanako
    2.(14.1%) Nakama Yukie
    3.(14.0%) Hasegawa Kyoko
    4.(13.8%) Ito Misaki, Amami Yuki
    6.(12.8%) Fukatsu Eri
    7.(11.7%) Nagasawa Masami, Ishihara Satomi
    9.(10.8%) Yonekura Ryoko
    10.(10.7%) Ueto Aya

    Interestingly enough, the two actresses at the bottom of the pile were Shida Mirai and Shaku Yumiko with 1% each. Wait, why is she starring in her own drama?

  • Wednesday, February 14, 2007


    Some over-the-weekend Hilarious Tidbits that have taken me almost a week to post because i have Mono and am also a raging alcoholic right now--

    • Famous fortune-teller Ooizumi no Haha (nee Kinoshita Taeko) got the scare of her life recently at a meeting for a TV program. Kinoshita was going through celebrity applicants who wanted their fortunes read when she stumbled across none other than Nakashima Mika's. Kinoshita reportedly "suddenly froze and let out a cry, saying 'Oh, my head hurts, my head hurts!'" When asked by the program's staff what was wrong, she fearfully replied, "Ah, so scary, so scary! This girl has demons possessing her! It's not just one or two [demons]! Look at this face! This is the face of the Devil!" I KNEW IT THE WHOLE TIME.
    • Kimura Kaela and Su from RIP SLYME are apparently "going steady!!!1!1!!!" Josei Seven reports that the two are reportedly living in separate rooms in the same house (?) and have had their relationships approved by their respective agencies. Despite their 11 year age difference, the two have allegedly been dating for over a year now. I'm a little sad about this, because everyone knows that Kimura Kaela is made for Dots and Dots is made for Kimura Kaela. No rapper can take that away from me!
    • The Fabulous Kano Sisters misplaced their other sister over the weekend, it appears. Kano Harue was all set to be the third Kano Sister but decided to marry instead, and became their manager. She's recently gone missing though, and canceled her cell phone number. In true Kano Sister style though, they seem to be more worried about what she had with her at the time-- a ¥3mil, 10 carat diamond ring and other jewelry that belongs to the two famous sisters. The reason for her disappearance is still unknown but Harue has reportedly been acting strangely lately and has been seeing having sudden crying jags.

    Sunday, February 11, 2007

    {Yao} Quittin', Clubin', and...Sawajiri Erika again?

    One of Kinki Kids' managers seems to have suddenly quit because (1) he/she did not get along with the other manager (2) the rumors of Dots going out with model Takagaki Reiko (I guess even crazy ass people like Dots like the OL-fuu type but I mean she's pretty cute why wouldn't you date her?) and (3) the rumors about KK breaking up. Apparently a while before this the same manager disappeared for a while with their schedule. If you can't take the heat, don't be the KK's manager! I bet you he/she wasn't getting paid enough. I'd expect at least $60,000 a year to put up with all the faggotry a KK manager must go through.

  • The latest clubbing buddies in the JE world seem to be Tackey and Tsubasa's Takizawa Hideaki and Kanjani 8's Ohkura Tadayoshi. Eyewitnesses say they've been frequenting a certain club in Roppongi together and that Takki's fashion sense is really bad (someone mentioned tracksuits lolz). I mean the guy's name is Tackey what more can I say. I can totally see him rolling in the club in some horrible velour tracksuit with "classy" or something written on his ass.

  • Arashi's Sakurai Sho has apparently joined the MEN'S DIVISION of Sawajiri Erika's celebrity bitch pack! Sources also claim that Nishikido Ryo has put in a "membership request." ROFL ROFL ROFL Men's Division of SawaEri-kan can I be real here. This is as probable as me getting my hands on one of those purple bustier dresses Proenza Schouler made for Target that sold out in 2 seconds.
    The "men's division" of the Sawajiri-kai contains "K.T., I.H. and I.Y." Who the fuck are they?! This is why I hate Gekkan Josei; I can make speculations but I don't know if I'm right. I'm going to venture a guess that I.H. is Ito Hideaki but why would he even want to be hanging out with Horikita Maki calling SawaEri "Erika-sama"? And Sakurai Sho really? Nishikido I could totally see doing this because rumor has it he has the hots for a certain hapa gravure idol "R.D." who apparently is friends/a crony of SawaEri. If any of y'all love beating off to swimsuit clad girls and are an expert in the field, please enlighten us.


    Come on anons, the only people flaming us are spambots who are trying to sell us viagra
  • Thursday, February 08, 2007

    {Yao} Bitch Fight II: Egos Gone Wild


    So Valentines Day in Japan is Serious Business considering the fact that Japanese people love buying and giving shit (speaking of which, I need to start stocking up on omiyage before I leave). Two big candy companies, Lotte and Meiji are going head to head this season with chocolate ads. Lotte is pushing Ghana Milk Chocolate with Nagasawa as the 'mascot' girl and their rival, Meiji has promptly enlisted Sawajiri.
    That's all fine and dandy except for one thing: Sawajiri and Nagasawa apparently hate the shit out of each other.

    The feud all started at the end of last year during the Woman of the Year awards held by Vogue Nippon when Nagasawa reportedly gave Sawajiri a dirty look. We've already talked about Sawajiri being a bitch but apparently Nagasawa is also a diva, barking to her manager to shut off the airconditioning because she's cold backstage at 24 hour TV before even acknowledging her elder cohosts and never saying any formalities to anyone.

    What's even better about this rivalry is that they both supposedly have their own little group of cronies. The Sawajiri Faction's (Sawajiri-kai) members purportedly have to call her 'Erika-sama."
    "There are actresses older than Sawajiri in her faction but she pays no formalities with them." - Josei Seven
    "It's said that the members of the Sawajiri Faction are largely from Nisshutsu Academy where she dropped out from. The members include Ueno Juri, Horikita Maki, Kashii Yu, Nakagawa Shoko, and possibly Wakatsuki Chinatsu and Akimoto Miri." - Gendai

    Rumor has it the goal of this Sawajiri Faction is to crush their rival peers, namely actresses with the 'innocent' persona. Rumor has it that they leak scandals of such stars as Ueto Aya and Nakama Yukie in order to eliminate them for the least temporarily.

    So what would you do if Sawajiri & Cronies start leaking your naked pics on the internet and says stuff like (Sawajiri reportedly said this in her dressing room about Nagasawa) "I can do both (kinds of roles). She (Nagasawa) has the whole 'good girl' image and that's the only role she can do. Don't compare me to that bitch!" (- Weekly Shinchou)? Fight back by starting your own gang. At least that's what Nagasawa did mid-December last year.

    It's said that the Nagasawa Faction contains Ishihara Satomi, Ayase Haruka, Miyazaki Aoi, Toda Erika and Motokariya Yuika. Toda Erika apparently joined the Nagasawa-kai because she was harrassed by Sawajiri-kai, but Sawajiri-kai has its own problems with news that apparently Nakagawa Shoko has been having no say in anything they do. Will she defect to the other side?

    If you compare the two groups they really aren't that different. Ishihara and Ueno are the resident pretty girls, Ayase and Horikita are the weird looking girls that Akiko Wada thinks are fat, Kashii Yu and Toda Erika are the resident 'do you know who I am? No?' girls. Who the hell is Akimoto Miri? At least I know everyone in the Nagasawa-kai. How much do you want to bet Horikita was a pity member amirite?

    This entire Sawajiri vs Nagasawa feud has the entertainment industry on tiptoe and also quite entertained at the same time, and this Chocolate CM war is just the latest chapter in this extended catfight. Move over Avex girls, these girls fight dirty and get personal.

    Sawajiri CM Nagasawa CM

    I don't even know who to bet on but you should all speculate here, although in a physical fight I'd say Sawajiri's more of the type that would scratch. Somebody's weave is gonna come off.


    Oh ps, show your love for CS by buying your J/K/Cpop goods via the yesasia banner on the top of our site.
    And remember, we love you bitches

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    {VERONICA} What a rip, man.

    Arashi.vox has released the much awaited issue of an-an with Matsumoto Jun (from here on referred to as MJ for many many obvious reasons) on the cover.

    For those not in the know, every year the magazine compiles a love and sex themed issue that usually goes where no Japanese woman's interest magazine has ever been before. Coupled with frank articles and insights into modern sex and relationships in Japan, the magazine chooses a male star for the cover and shoots them in a very grauvre style, something uncommon to see Johnny's Entertainment stars in! In the past, stars such as Narimiya Hiroki, Okada Junichi, and Katori Shingo have bared their buns for the glossy pages.

    2006's issue depicts MJ shirtless, cuddling with Random Foreign Model and wearing "totez sexy" Dolce and Gabbana underpants. But no requisite ass shot. What is that. No ass? Who does it? Okada showed his ass. It's magnificent. Narimiya went there, came back, and then went there again, and he's gay, and not even good looking. What a rip-off! This is what I hate about him. Leave it to MJ to make my life difficult. I'm not even that into him anymore, but if you're gonna be on the cover of an an, you better get naked. That's just the law of the land.

    He probably has acne scars all over his ass and they couldn't airbrush them out or something. Look at his face; it's like the dark side of the Moon or some shit.

    Just for kicks, check out what the fans are saying in the talk box on the right of the site. It's so delusional, it almost makes me miss ours! What am I saying, I would rather eat my own shit than bring that talk box back, amirite?

    We're handing out free issues in the forums, guys!

    Friday, February 02, 2007


  • Tegoshi Yuya of NewS just got BUBKA'd recently for smoking underage but the picture in question doesn't have a clear shot of his face. Another picture (see above) was leaked on 2chan recently, but this one has its share of doubters. (Also LOL at 'NO REPOSTING)

  • "Jin is staying with a DJ friend in America. This friend is gay; could Jin also become gay?!"
    This is hands down the most lol gay rumor I have ever heard. HAY GUYZ BEING GAY IS INFECTIOUS!!

  • There have also been rumors that Yamapi is going to join KT-TUN making them "KU-NTTY", which the blog maintains is a rap slang that means "We'll stick it in your mouth in one shot." Lol.

    This week's rumor mill has basically covered everyone I dislike. Damn.


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