Wednesday, January 03, 2007

{Yao} Wahhhhhh

Fuck 2007 man. NewS came back, I had to leave early from my new year's party, and I have to work from 9 to 5 on my goddamn vacation.

If you don't know who Higashiyama (40) is and you're contributing half your income to JE, you need to do your homework better. He's the self proclaimed leader of Shonentai, the only JE talent to ever be scouted by Kitagawa himself, and was rumored to be Johnny's heir apparent to the Johnny's Jimusho throne. Anyway, he's a regular in Tarzan, a fitness magazine and he carries around two designer wallets just so he can have one for personal use and one just to treat people to dinners. I also shook hands with that motherfucker and he made my hand sparkly.

But I digress, Higashi has been basically the male YOU (YOU as in the 40+ year old tarento with a baby voice who only dates men half her age) in that he has been rumored to have dated basically all the 'hot young actresses' (and Fukakyo, but again, who HASN'T dated her?) His current fling apparently, is Uchiyama Rina (25).

According to sponichi, they've been dating for about 2 years ever since they acted in the same drama Munesue: Keiji no Sousa File ~Garasu no Koibito~ (longest name ever). They've been spotted eating together at a restaurant near Higashi's residence and holding hands. The rest of the article basically muses about how they're a ~*~great couple~*~ and how they don't hide the fact that their dating.

Personally, I think Uchirina is a huge step up from Fukakyo (granted, she's so damned EARNEST. That's why Takki didn't want to date her in Strawberry on the Shortcake!). They're like Tomkat minus the crazy scientology! However, you can't ignore all the gay rumors about him (his idea of a fun vacation is taking three Arashi members and Mori Mitsuko to hawaii to run a marathon? and he wrote a series of articles schooling people on Yoga? Geeeez) so maybe she's just his current fag hag? YOU DECIDE.



Bonita said...

This is early Jan..and it got some biggus Dickus surprise already starting with NEWS and now this faggotry.

Where's my Vodka? Now, I'm going to throw my money to some Host Club to cure this heartache XD

Anonymous said...

If I had to bet on who are gay for real in the JE talent pool instead of just gay for the fan cash, I'd put my money on Higashiyama and Domoto Koichi, who himself said on Utaban, "People say I'm not going to get married just like Higashiyama-san." Snerk.

Also, YOU is 40? I thought she just looked mature for her age. Well, she's still hot (and probably banging Domoto Tsuyoshi - damn that bitch).

bob said...

wtffff, Mori Mitsuko can't run to the liquor store, much less a marathon. Was she just there to watch, I hope?

dunadan said...

Anything's better than the rumour of him MARRIED to the Mori-baba.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Worthwhile news! I say: HELL YEAH HIGASHI.

I mean if you were the most perfect man in Japan, why wouldn't you be doing all of the hot actresses?

Anonymous said...

BTW I was under the impression that Nicky was the leader of Shonentai, what the hell is going on here

tae said...

He brought Arashi members to Hawaii to run a marathon? I'm assuming the Honolulu Marathon? WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE TO BE ON KAUAI (>_<)

Mindy-loo said...

I've been reading for a while now, but not commenting because I'm all lazy like that. Anyhoots, any entry that uses the sentence "I also shook hands with that motherfucker and he made my hand sparkly," needs to get some love. Because that is just love.

So is reaction to NewS coming back. But I don't think I have the words to express how hard that made me laugh.

Does YOU really date so young? That just makes me love her even more. *joins YOU's fanclub*

And yeah, I vote for the fag-haggedry angle of Higashi's young friends. Been there, done that. It's not a bad gig either. Especially if there's a free dinner involved.

cho scandalous! said...

I just looked up YOU's age and she's 42 specifically. I actually have this article with paparazzi pictures about her love life but I'm on vacation in florida right now and I don't have scanner access! Look forward to that later on.

Nicky was more of 'the leader' back in the day when they were all young, but now he's resorted to being the comedic relief.

I have a long and totally not necessary LJ post about it here. Read with caution, I typed that shit at 4am after going to a Playzone and writing my final Japanese research paper.

Anonymous said...


What?? Fuck that! Nicky normally has center of the three and that's enough leading to be leader in my book. :P Higashi may be perfect but that's how the dice were rolled.


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