Friday, January 12, 2007

{Yao} JE Marriage Boom?

With the "official" announcement of Higashi's relationship with UchiRina plus all these marriage rumors, could it be that everyone's jumping on to the "you should totally buy 12 copies of my new single because ilu bb but afterwards I'm going home to screw my wife" bandwagon over at JE?

Kimutaku's (dekichatta?) marriage with Shizuka is well known (although the latest chapter in the 'Kimutaku is unfaithful!' is that he's getting cozy with his "Karei ni naru ichizoku" co-star Hasegawa Kyoko but duhhh they're in a drama together!), but it seems that recently two other SMAP members may be on the marriage track soon. It's been rumored that Inagaki Goro is getting "jimusho approval" to wed Kanno Miho and that Nakai just might be getting hitched to announcer Nakano Mina. She's not only cute but she's apparently LOADED and she also won the coveted title of "Miss Keio." I myself would like to win that but that's another story. Last year in the fall he supposedly paid a visit to her parents.

I am all for JE members getting married because it crushes the dreams of sif-y fangirls and also makes amazing power couples I can make retarded names for. I recommend Inanno and Naka^2. And plus, if you're delusional enough to be jealous when yr fvrt JE person marries some chick, you'll be delusional enough to still believe that you'll be like Hasegawa Kyoko and be able to do him when his wife's out busy buying designer childrenswear.





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