Thursday, January 04, 2007

{Yao} It's that time of the month

I am a firm believer in male PMS and if any man has it, I'd place my money on Domoto Tsuyoshi.

Kinki Kids are having their 10th anniversary this year, and they've been doing their winter concerts. Apparently on the January 1st concert, Dots sang "Music of Life" (an original song composed by KK for their anniversary, which was meant to be a surprise) "angrily" and "stormed off stage immediately afterwards" leaving DoKo standing there alone "confused and worried"because some morning entertainment newspaper leaked that they would perform said song.

Some other eyewitnesses say that he looked "fine" while singing and mentioned that the newspaper leaked the information in a normal way. Although he did run off stage early, most believed that it was a gag and that he was going to come back, but it was something that he didn't tell Doko about ahead of time because Doko proceeded to look confused and wrapped up the concert early, even though the coveted 1/1 concert was supposed to be the extra-special Doko birthday concert. (God, image how drunk you'd be if new years was also your birthday?)

So now apparently all the Doko fans are tripping balls about how Dots is irresponsible and how we should feel sorry for Doko because clearly you can only celebrate your birthday while performing in concert to thousands of sweaty fans and the Dots fans are up in arms protecting his chastity/claiming that he has a history of clinical depression and to get off his back.

It's pretty evident from the massive picture of Dots' face on our header where we stand in favoritism. However, I say this is the perfect time to let him chill for a couple of months and compose another ENDLICHERI album. What? I'm totally not trying to ruin the Kinki Kids as a group.

Regardless, on the 3rd, Dots posted a very long and not very "jibun-rashiku" (Dot's usual entries are po-mo stream-of-consciousness pieces that make little sense whether you translate it or not) about how he "acted childish" and "ruined a special event" and "omg kk ~*~*~4ever~*~*~."

Whatever, I think the real issue on hand is that pseudo-afro of a hat he's wearing. Where's Akiko Wada when you need her?

Also, I just watched Countdown last night because it took me 3 fucking days to download and what a waste of my time. It was basically Countdown Lite© and the only people who were actually happy to be there were TOKIO and V6 and only when they were on the same platform. Can we talk about how pissed Ryo looked after he had to don the NewS outfits? He looked like he was going to murder a bitch. Wait, the only other people happy to be there were also Koyama and Shige because with they reinstatement of NewS they have jobs again!!!!1


Anonymous said...

God damn it, I love Dots.

He is so fucking chill in his own way. I love his "I will do what I want" attitude so bad. That hat is just another example of it. He doesn't care it looks weird, but he does it anyway.

Fuck yeah Dots, rock on.

Anonymous said...

what a divaa

ugh tsuyo you are forever my idol!!!!!!!!!!!11

Anonymous said...

"However, I say this is the perfect time to let him chill for a couple of months and compose another ENDLICHERI album."

Motherfucking WORD.

And I still don't get the NewS thing. Ryo was looking even more homicidal than usual, and Koyama is still fug as hell. Why are they back again?

shiz said...

............. lol Koichi.

Nagase was unbearably cute during Countdown. and lol Ryo. I'd be pissed too, NewS does nothing for his badass serial killer image.

Anonymous said...

I hate how they followed Shounentai's performance with those whelps.

Anonymous said...

Hell, if only Dots could go solo permanently and Domoto Kyoudai could still be on air. That show is about the only good KinKi Kids thing right now. Their last album sucked except for the track the two Domotos wrote and don't tell me Koichi isn't sick of having to sing all those ballads when he just doesn't have the goods for them.

Victoria said...

I just watched it again and I thought Ryo looked normal. Not extremely happy, not pissed either. It's RYO. He is stoic like 80% of the time. If he looked pissed, I would think it's because Uchi got pwned as a "trainee" and couldn't be a Countdown.

In my opinion, Kinki works pretty well together. I haven't listened to them and I'm not their fan, although I do respect them, so I can't say much. Someone needs to explain to me why Dots is so popular though, I don't know the history. Just from mags and releases lately it seems like Koichi is the one that sticks out, he's really photogenic and had like 8012 releases, but apparently Dots is like ZOMG mega popular?

shelby said...

I don't know what the hell happened. KinKi were never popular/even known on the english speaking part of the internets, and it's like the last two months or so people are lie OU GAD ILU KINKI DOTS IS SOOO AMAZING!!!11

..not gonna lie, he is, but what the hell caused the whole Domoto Migration 06, I'll never know.

Anonymous said...


You know, I can speak for myself, but I bet we've always been here, just not too vocal about it until now.

bex said...

Dots left the stage earlier that day and ran around, so when he did it when they were bowing I figured it was a joke.

And its not like they didn't celebrate Doko's birthday. They did the cake and singing in the first MC part. Doko had his cake and strawberries, we had to sing three times because the candles weren't lit.

As for Dots' hat - he freaked when it fell off on the 31st. His hair looked really poofy like he had a bad perm or something. But I guess it is OK now because on the Asa Made Shindoi it looked good.

As for Ryo - I have always gotten the feeling he prefers being in 8. I think he even once said that 8 was his home. But he likes to try and pretend to be pissed - even in concert. I have seen him pretend to be angry one second and the next fall over laughing or whatever.

Anonymous said...

I've never been exposed to KinkiKids music, so I can't say they suck, even if I don't like them.

But Ryo? Stfu and die. That man sucks ass. He thinks he's so BAD. Die, fucker.

A said...

Countdown was such a disappointment. Who the fuck cares about News? I can't believe those talentless fuckers are allowed to stand on the same stage as Shonentai and the other sempais.

I also don't get why so many people think Tsuyoshi is so much better than Koichi. Please explain.

Anonymous said...


I'd explain, but I like them both. >.>

Anonymous said...

Domoto Tsuyoshi is simply a weirdo sometimes.
But that's why I like him.
He is so..not very Johnny's-like.
At least he no longer is.

But his fashion sense always makes me lamo.

Anonymous said...

i love both shounentai and news so i pretty much had 50 orgasms

but gutted for everybody else lololll.

Anonymous said...

Wait, how can you like both, that is like some sort of contradiction. Please explain.

sadotsu said...

^ Some people are actually not elitists.

Anyone who still likes Shounentai has got to be in their 40s, what normal person under 30 still listens to them?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't get Tsuyo's hat either but whatever don't have to get him to love him.

And LOL I love reading CS stuff and I love NEWS. Yeah that's right. But no I won't pull a KAT-TUN fan and start posing lyrics & stats all over the place haha.

Don't understand what's so bad about being both Shounentai & newer group fans.


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