Tuesday, January 09, 2007

{Yao} I love new year predictions

>On the infamous Tantei File site, readers voted for their top ten celebs that they wish would dissapear off the face of the earth. Let's see who gossip blog reading Japanese people hate.

10. "Young people still call her 'granny'": Hoshino Aki
Hoshino Aki turns 30 this year and has been widely celebrated (apparently mostly within the middle aged men crowd) as "pushing 30 but still hot." The majority of those who voted for here were in the younger female crowd who said such things as, "Consider your age" and "Why are you still playing a big-breasted babe character at 30 something?"
I say people are just hatin' and OLs needs to get over the fact that your life does not end when you turn 30. Jesus, this is why y'all have a population crisis.
9. "Most hated amongst her peers": Matsuura Aya
Oh Ayaya. Even Japanese people are tired of your burikko antics with such comments as "She's phony" and "I get pissed off when I see that burikko. She's so fake." She's been seen with w-inds' Keita.
I'm sorry but Ayaya looks like Maeken amirite?
8. "She hates what she did but people just plain hate her": Abiru Yuu
"She's not 'feisty' she's just plain rude. She doesn't know how the world works." I am by no means an expert on female idols (I mean what does Abiru Yuu actually do?) but all I know about her was how she robbed a store, made them bankrupt because of that, and wasn't the least bit remorseful. If yr that bored and rich and famous just start your own ugly clothing line instead of indulging in yr klepto tendencies!
7. "They're full of themselves": Oriental Radio
"They're not funny," and "They're so full of themselves and not funny" are the accusations at hand. I know absolutely nothing about manzai and manzai standards, maybe my comedy friends can pop in and give their 2 cents on this issue.
6. "Not funny part 2": Sakurazuka Yakkun
Another victim of the "how much is too much?" question. Again, I'm no comedy expert but the Japanese comedy scene is extremely hit and miss and from my experience watching late night comedy shows I'd say it's leaning more towards the "miss" - no pun intended. His wiki article says "Yasuo and his management are keeping private any of his career before crossdressing as a schoolgirl" which makes me lol because we all know the truth: he was a Johnnys Jr dropout.
5. "Going way past common sense": Ayumi Hamasaki
"It's disgusting how different her face is now than it was back when she was an idol," "'Tired' describes both her face and her ongs," and "She looks like Michael Jackson."
LOLOLOLoLOL. I just want to know why she isn't higher up on the list.
4. "Morning Musume. Period."
"They're already past their prime but they still appear on TV and release songs," and "Stop being on Kouhaku."
I have nothing against HelloPro unlike the swarms of JE fans who will immediately start putting anthrax into envelopes at the mention of them, but Morning Musume is so old meme. Even Tsunku is basically peacing out with his revival of his own musical career.
3. Hosoki Kazuko.
Yeah, I don't know either. She's apparently a TV psychic who got a lot of shit for actually not being psychic. Oops.
2. Sawajiri Erika.
"Even though she's just some kid she talks like she knows everything," "She's stuck up", and "She's a bitch" are what people are saying, but you already knew that.

and #1 is...

"She's tacky," "She's the shame of Kyoto" "She says she's good at singing but she's not," "Grody" "Bad Influence"
We have already talked about why we love Koda Kumi more than enough times already.

Who's your top ten list of celebs you hope will disappear this year? Take it to the forums.



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