Thursday, January 25, 2007

{VERONICA} ohhhhh, spice girl!

Forget those rumors about Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri! Nodame and Chiaki-Sempai will never be a couple, because he's already got a girlfriend! "At a recent photobook event (to promote his new book COLOR), Tamaki Hiroshi (27) suddenly replied that 'I have a girlfriend.'" Said girlfriend is regrettably not his former co-star, but rumored to be new-comer Katou Rosa (21), who last appeared in this season's Yakusha Damashii. ""Their relationship is well known in this industry," says a source. "Last year in December they were walking near Tokyo's Omotesando holding hands." Ooooh, get a room already! Says another source (hilariously credited as "A Woman Living in Meguro"),"I see those two around here quite often. Just the other day Katou-san was sitting in the passenger seat of a car Tamaki-san was driving. I saw them around noontime." Ooooh, scandalous. Katou-san was last seen on a secret picnic (Hanami!) with Eita last spring in Meguro.

Lucky girl, I wouldn't be able to choose, rite? Amirite? Inorite.


PS...Hey assholes! Stop fighting on the talkboard and discuss this post in THE FUCKING FORUMS YOU BEGGED US TO GIVE YOU.



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