Tuesday, January 30, 2007

{Yao} Odds n' Ends

It's fucking cold.

  • Hirai Ken's Gay Adventures Part Deux "Hirai Ken was seen 'fooling around' with Yuzu's Kitakawa Yuujin on an airplane." - Sunday Japon
    1. LOL
    2. That dude from Yuzu? Really?
    3. Welcome to the mile high club.

  • Do people even still care about Uchi? Oh wait, nvmd once a NewS member always a NewS member ~*~*~*~2004-2005 FOREVER~*~*~*~ "Ex-NewS's Uchi Hiroki celebrated his coming of age ceremony modestly at a neighborhood shrine with his parents, and his much talked about girlfriend apparently was also there." - Gekkan Jousei

  • HAY OMG U GUYZ KAME SIGHTING Apparently Kame's been frequenting a certain Roppongi restaurant with this new girl of his. "Kuntt's Kamenashi Kazuya spent new years at an expensive restaurant in a private room with a girl. She was a 20 year old (give or take) gyaru-style girl. According to a witness, after they ate they got into a taxi secretly together."

  • Veronica's gonna be mad Even though he and Takeuchi Yuko's divorce is still being negotiated, Nakamura Shido has been spotted in Azabu Juuban on a date with a pretty woman. Damn, that motherfucker moves quickly.

  • Toshi-chan?! Tahara Toshihiko is supposedly cheating on his wife now? Idk they gave no details.

  • Will the shit finally hit the fan for Sawajiri? Apparently Abiru Yuu and her are drinking buddies and they claim that they hang out because they both think the other is "funky." I don't think they know what that word means. But that's not the real news. The real news is that people are beginning to think that her career just might be over and she might have to return to being a second rate pinup girl:
    "Her agency is beginning to push other young actresses over her. They're at the end of their patience with her and her attitude." Her attitude includes the famous account of refusing to cry straight to a director's face because "I don't feel like crying." There has also been reports that no one wants to cast her for their works nor do other actors want to act with her. If you haven't noticed there hasn't been a single announcement of her getting any movie/drama roles, whereas we're probably going to see another season of Maki Horikita in a dowdy role.

  • Thursday, January 25, 2007

    {VERONICA} ohhhhh, spice girl!

    Forget those rumors about Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri! Nodame and Chiaki-Sempai will never be a couple, because he's already got a girlfriend! "At a recent photobook event (to promote his new book COLOR), Tamaki Hiroshi (27) suddenly replied that 'I have a girlfriend.'" Said girlfriend is regrettably not his former co-star, but rumored to be new-comer Katou Rosa (21), who last appeared in this season's Yakusha Damashii. ""Their relationship is well known in this industry," says a source. "Last year in December they were walking near Tokyo's Omotesando holding hands." Ooooh, get a room already! Says another source (hilariously credited as "A Woman Living in Meguro"),"I see those two around here quite often. Just the other day Katou-san was sitting in the passenger seat of a car Tamaki-san was driving. I saw them around noontime." Ooooh, scandalous. Katou-san was last seen on a secret picnic (Hanami!) with Eita last spring in Meguro.

    Lucky girl, I wouldn't be able to choose, rite? Amirite? Inorite.


    PS...Hey assholes! Stop fighting on the talkboard and discuss this post in THE FUCKING FORUMS YOU BEGGED US TO GIVE YOU.

    Wednesday, January 17, 2007

    {Yao} Now for some man hate

    Whenever you let Japanese gossip blog reader vote for any "Top 10 most ___(negative adjective)____ Celebrities" the list will probably be populated with lots and lots of women and also Koda Kumi in the top 3 because everyone knows only women use the internet and vote in polls. Curious about what men people hate on for a change? I bring you the "Top Ten Most Dasai* Male Celebs."

    *Dasai = frumpy, fugly, lame etc

    idk, it's been slow in the news department unless you're in love with Tanihara Shosuke and you are perhaps slightly upset that he's marrying a chick who has TWO kids under her belt. Anway...

    10. Kimura Takuya (SMAP)
    It's pathetic how he tries to look young.
    Enough already

    IDK, he's doing a good job of looking young to me. I can understand if you're Japanese and you're tired of him because, well, he's pretty much a household name. However, I was and am not a fan of the whole expensive looking trucker hat + ugly shirt + ripped up jeans look every single JE member seems to be 'rocking.'
    9. Tanaka Koki (KUNTT)
    Not hot.
    The ghetto style is so last year.

    LOL. I have said this once and I'll say it again; you can't be 2thug2handl and also be in JE at the same time unless you're trying to be ironic.
    8. Kamenashi Kazuya (KUNTT)
    Too skinny so nothing looks good on him.
    I saw him once and he was wearing a floppy ribbon instead of a tie.

    Japanese people don't know how to insult someone's fashion. I enjoy how the Japanese word skinny can also mean 'seedy looking.'
    7. Odagiri Joe
    Let's just look at why people say he sucks:
    Too individualistic LOL kthnxbi commies
    Who has that kind of hairstyle Hot ppl
    He's dasai, but he has this "I'm dasai and what?" kind of aura wait, I thought we were supposed to be verbally abusing people?
    In short, the opposition has no case.
    6. Enari Kazuki
    He's young but he doesn't look the part
    Well, it cant be helped.

    What can I say.
    5. Taka (Taka and Toshi)
    He always wears the same sneakers
    That's great and all, but don't ask me which one Taka is in the picture.
    4. Yamazaki Hironari (Untouchable)
    He's so dasai I can't even comment on it
    You win, Anon.
    3. Domoto Tsuyoshi (Kinki Kids)
    Let's take another look at the comments people left:
    He's becoming more and more dasai You mean more and more fabulous. Can we please compare his ugly 2001 look to the awesomeness now?
    At first glance he looks cool but if you look again it's dasai Creepin' and Jeepin'
    I'm not even going to talk about the clothes but he should lose some weight IAWTC
    He's moving away from 'good' and into 'dasai' haterz
    2. Nakai Masahiro (SMAP)
    Horrible hairstyle
    I don't even need to say anything

    They're all referring to his recent crouching tiger, hidden duckhairstyle that is getting less than rave review from even the most fashion tolerant.
    1. Yamasato Ryota (Nankai Candies)
    I watched "iitomo" and I didn't laugh
    I wouldn't want to be seen with him

    What Japan wants to know is where all the fly comedians at? What club they hang at?

    the women's list here

    Friday, January 12, 2007

    {Yao} JE Marriage Boom?

    With the "official" announcement of Higashi's relationship with UchiRina plus all these marriage rumors, could it be that everyone's jumping on to the "you should totally buy 12 copies of my new single because ilu bb but afterwards I'm going home to screw my wife" bandwagon over at JE?

    Kimutaku's (dekichatta?) marriage with Shizuka is well known (although the latest chapter in the 'Kimutaku is unfaithful!' is that he's getting cozy with his "Karei ni naru ichizoku" co-star Hasegawa Kyoko but duhhh they're in a drama together!), but it seems that recently two other SMAP members may be on the marriage track soon. It's been rumored that Inagaki Goro is getting "jimusho approval" to wed Kanno Miho and that Nakai just might be getting hitched to announcer Nakano Mina. She's not only cute but she's apparently LOADED and she also won the coveted title of "Miss Keio." I myself would like to win that but that's another story. Last year in the fall he supposedly paid a visit to her parents.

    I am all for JE members getting married because it crushes the dreams of sif-y fangirls and also makes amazing power couples I can make retarded names for. I recommend Inanno and Naka^2. And plus, if you're delusional enough to be jealous when yr fvrt JE person marries some chick, you'll be delusional enough to still believe that you'll be like Hasegawa Kyoko and be able to do him when his wife's out busy buying designer childrenswear.



    Thursday, January 11, 2007

    International Ballaz

    We now have Cho Scandalous en español.

    Cuidarte indeed. Much love to our girl Brenda for helping us go international <3

    Tuesday, January 09, 2007

    {Yao} I love new year predictions

    >On the infamous Tantei File site, readers voted for their top ten celebs that they wish would dissapear off the face of the earth. Let's see who gossip blog reading Japanese people hate.

    10. "Young people still call her 'granny'": Hoshino Aki
    Hoshino Aki turns 30 this year and has been widely celebrated (apparently mostly within the middle aged men crowd) as "pushing 30 but still hot." The majority of those who voted for here were in the younger female crowd who said such things as, "Consider your age" and "Why are you still playing a big-breasted babe character at 30 something?"
    I say people are just hatin' and OLs needs to get over the fact that your life does not end when you turn 30. Jesus, this is why y'all have a population crisis.
    9. "Most hated amongst her peers": Matsuura Aya
    Oh Ayaya. Even Japanese people are tired of your burikko antics with such comments as "She's phony" and "I get pissed off when I see that burikko. She's so fake." She's been seen with w-inds' Keita.
    I'm sorry but Ayaya looks like Maeken amirite?
    8. "She hates what she did but people just plain hate her": Abiru Yuu
    "She's not 'feisty' she's just plain rude. She doesn't know how the world works." I am by no means an expert on female idols (I mean what does Abiru Yuu actually do?) but all I know about her was how she robbed a store, made them bankrupt because of that, and wasn't the least bit remorseful. If yr that bored and rich and famous just start your own ugly clothing line instead of indulging in yr klepto tendencies!
    7. "They're full of themselves": Oriental Radio
    "They're not funny," and "They're so full of themselves and not funny" are the accusations at hand. I know absolutely nothing about manzai and manzai standards, maybe my comedy friends can pop in and give their 2 cents on this issue.
    6. "Not funny part 2": Sakurazuka Yakkun
    Another victim of the "how much is too much?" question. Again, I'm no comedy expert but the Japanese comedy scene is extremely hit and miss and from my experience watching late night comedy shows I'd say it's leaning more towards the "miss" - no pun intended. His wiki article says "Yasuo and his management are keeping private any of his career before crossdressing as a schoolgirl" which makes me lol because we all know the truth: he was a Johnnys Jr dropout.
    5. "Going way past common sense": Ayumi Hamasaki
    "It's disgusting how different her face is now than it was back when she was an idol," "'Tired' describes both her face and her ongs," and "She looks like Michael Jackson."
    LOLOLOLoLOL. I just want to know why she isn't higher up on the list.
    4. "Morning Musume. Period."
    "They're already past their prime but they still appear on TV and release songs," and "Stop being on Kouhaku."
    I have nothing against HelloPro unlike the swarms of JE fans who will immediately start putting anthrax into envelopes at the mention of them, but Morning Musume is so old meme. Even Tsunku is basically peacing out with his revival of his own musical career.
    3. Hosoki Kazuko.
    Yeah, I don't know either. She's apparently a TV psychic who got a lot of shit for actually not being psychic. Oops.
    2. Sawajiri Erika.
    "Even though she's just some kid she talks like she knows everything," "She's stuck up", and "She's a bitch" are what people are saying, but you already knew that.

    and #1 is...

    "She's tacky," "She's the shame of Kyoto" "She says she's good at singing but she's not," "Grody" "Bad Influence"
    We have already talked about why we love Koda Kumi more than enough times already.

    Who's your top ten list of celebs you hope will disappear this year? Take it to the forums.

    Saturday, January 06, 2007

    {VERONICA} what the hell are we getting ourselves into now?

    You requested it, so you got it.


    Have fun. Comments are being turned off on the main site.

    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    {Yao} It's that time of the month

    I am a firm believer in male PMS and if any man has it, I'd place my money on Domoto Tsuyoshi.

    Kinki Kids are having their 10th anniversary this year, and they've been doing their winter concerts. Apparently on the January 1st concert, Dots sang "Music of Life" (an original song composed by KK for their anniversary, which was meant to be a surprise) "angrily" and "stormed off stage immediately afterwards" leaving DoKo standing there alone "confused and worried"because some morning entertainment newspaper leaked that they would perform said song.

    Some other eyewitnesses say that he looked "fine" while singing and mentioned that the newspaper leaked the information in a normal way. Although he did run off stage early, most believed that it was a gag and that he was going to come back, but it was something that he didn't tell Doko about ahead of time because Doko proceeded to look confused and wrapped up the concert early, even though the coveted 1/1 concert was supposed to be the extra-special Doko birthday concert. (God, image how drunk you'd be if new years was also your birthday?)

    So now apparently all the Doko fans are tripping balls about how Dots is irresponsible and how we should feel sorry for Doko because clearly you can only celebrate your birthday while performing in concert to thousands of sweaty fans and the Dots fans are up in arms protecting his chastity/claiming that he has a history of clinical depression and to get off his back.

    It's pretty evident from the massive picture of Dots' face on our header where we stand in favoritism. However, I say this is the perfect time to let him chill for a couple of months and compose another ENDLICHERI album. What? I'm totally not trying to ruin the Kinki Kids as a group.

    Regardless, on the 3rd, Dots posted a very long and not very "jibun-rashiku" (Dot's usual entries are po-mo stream-of-consciousness pieces that make little sense whether you translate it or not) about how he "acted childish" and "ruined a special event" and "omg kk ~*~*~4ever~*~*~."

    Whatever, I think the real issue on hand is that pseudo-afro of a hat he's wearing. Where's Akiko Wada when you need her?

    Also, I just watched Countdown last night because it took me 3 fucking days to download and what a waste of my time. It was basically Countdown Lite© and the only people who were actually happy to be there were TOKIO and V6 and only when they were on the same platform. Can we talk about how pissed Ryo looked after he had to don the NewS outfits? He looked like he was going to murder a bitch. Wait, the only other people happy to be there were also Koyama and Shige because with they reinstatement of NewS they have jobs again!!!!1

    Wednesday, January 03, 2007

    {Yao} Wahhhhhh

    Fuck 2007 man. NewS came back, I had to leave early from my new year's party, and I have to work from 9 to 5 on my goddamn vacation.

    If you don't know who Higashiyama (40) is and you're contributing half your income to JE, you need to do your homework better. He's the self proclaimed leader of Shonentai, the only JE talent to ever be scouted by Kitagawa himself, and was rumored to be Johnny's heir apparent to the Johnny's Jimusho throne. Anyway, he's a regular in Tarzan, a fitness magazine and he carries around two designer wallets just so he can have one for personal use and one just to treat people to dinners. I also shook hands with that motherfucker and he made my hand sparkly.

    But I digress, Higashi has been basically the male YOU (YOU as in the 40+ year old tarento with a baby voice who only dates men half her age) in that he has been rumored to have dated basically all the 'hot young actresses' (and Fukakyo, but again, who HASN'T dated her?) His current fling apparently, is Uchiyama Rina (25).

    According to sponichi, they've been dating for about 2 years ever since they acted in the same drama Munesue: Keiji no Sousa File ~Garasu no Koibito~ (longest name ever). They've been spotted eating together at a restaurant near Higashi's residence and holding hands. The rest of the article basically muses about how they're a ~*~great couple~*~ and how they don't hide the fact that their dating.

    Personally, I think Uchirina is a huge step up from Fukakyo (granted, she's so damned EARNEST. That's why Takki didn't want to date her in Strawberry on the Shortcake!). They're like Tomkat minus the crazy scientology! However, you can't ignore all the gay rumors about him (his idea of a fun vacation is taking three Arashi members and Mori Mitsuko to hawaii to run a marathon? and he wrote a series of articles schooling people on Yoga? Geeeez) so maybe she's just his current fag hag? YOU DECIDE.



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