Thursday, December 21, 2006

{Yao} Tired of me yet?

w/e just making up for finals week.

Anyway, if you're like 80% of the readership of this site, you're salivating over Johnny's Countdown that happens every New Year. All the JE acts except for SMAP get together, some big names from the 80s come back and do their greatest hits, and somebody in KAT-TUN throws a hissy fit about having to dance someone else's dance. If you have a PC and can figure out Clubbox, you can probably even watch it as you celebrate New Years in your own country (unless you live in Australia or smth).

It was announced on the 20th that at the annual Johnny's and Associates New Year's Eve [Johnny's Countdown 2006-2007] (Tokyo Dome) there will be a one-day unit of the 7 who will be "toshi otoko" (men of the year i.e. chinese zodiac year) next year.

  The members of the group formed by those born in the same Chinese year as 2007, the year of the boar, will be V6's Sakamoto Masayuki (35), Arashi's Matsumoto Jun (23) and Ninomiya Kazuya (23), KAT-TUN's Ueda Tatsuya (23) and Nakamaru Yuichi (23), Kanjani ∞'s Maruyama Ryuhei (23), and MA's Yara Tomoyuki (23). The memorial project for this group, "Inoshishi Seven," that surpasses group borders are still in planning.

  This will be the ninth Johnny's Dome Countdown. Last time 101 Johnny's came together including the "eldest" Kondo Masahiko (42) and Shonentai. It looks like this year will also have extravagant performances. President Johnny Kitagawa said, "This year will bring out the history of Johnny's."

  Along with a special KinKi Kids medly for their 10th anniversary next year, there are plans for some big name former Johnny's to appear. A collaboration between TOKIO and KAT-TUN, as well as all the hit songs of this year. The concert will be broadcast live on Fuji TV (11:45).

Chunishi addendum:
 SMAP, who will be in NHK's [Kohaku Utagassen], will not participate because Nakai Masahiro will be the host of the show. Also, while NEWS is not doing any work, the members, such as Yamashita Tomohisa (21), will appear. This concert will be braodcast live by Fuji TV on the 31st from 11:45.

Let's play "Guess Who The Special Guest Is." I don't think it's Okamoto or Akasaka and Sato because they're always there. Johnny's cryptic words could either mean that they're going to show even more old footage or that he's going to do something crazy and bring Hiromi Go into this whole melee even though he quit JE a long while ago. Idk, I just want them to force everyone to dance to GOLDFINGER '99 aka the Japanese remake of Living La Vida Loca. Lol.
A TOKIO and KAT-TUN collab? Wtf? I guess they were the only group that could stand working with them?
I can't wait for Kinki's 10 anniversary activities to kick in, even though I not so secretly want Dots to go off on his own and make pretentious music forever.
Also, LOL YamaP where'd yr group go?



shelby said...

Jesus fucking christ, now we're going to have to listen to Yamapi perform "Daite Senorita" and "Fever to Future" (what the hell, they'll probably throw in Seishun Amigo somehow too WHAT'S NEW)? ughhhhhh

Sorafune collab might just work out. Might. It is nasally enough so it might not be half bad but beyond that I am not quite sure. And no offense but year of the boar really fits the JE boy meat selected. 'Cept for Nino.

KK better have an amazing decade anniversary thing goin' on for the Countdown. Dots, I am expecting you shaved and fabulous as usual. Koichi, your style never changes so be there on time wearing clothing of some sort and we're all good. Are we going to get a full length trashy review from Choscandy following it? <3

bob said...

TOKIO is clearly the most long suffering, good natured JE group ever.

sadotsu said...

Oh god I forgot about Fever to Future... how the hell is he gonna pull it off on his own - -;;.

Wow, Nakai's hosting KOUHAKU? This I gotta see O_O.

Anonymous said...

The best part of this clip with Ryo's whiny SUKIYANEEEEEEN in the end. And Kanjani8 were lucky cause they didn't have to wear the fug clothes NewS had to wear!

I really don't want to hear KUNTT's annoying lame "ballad" DDDD:

Anonymous said...

(not a HUGE arashi fan, but maybe who is will encounter and go asdfghjkl...correction: ninomiya kazunari)

i myself cannot wait for KinKi 10year anniversary! ..i wonder if Tegomass will be there. obviously seishun amigo will happen, sold lots this year as well.. fever to future.. ahh. mou. *yawn* i dont mind seeing him sing or dance, those songs are just so repetitive.

inoshishi seven.. lol.
such a johnnys thing to do.

Anonymous said...

TOKIO collaboration with KAT-TUN? Is that something like TOKIO puke KUNTT's faces with their instruments each? Can't wait to see that.

Anonymous said...

TOKIO collaboration with KAT-TUN? Is that something like TOKIO puke KUNTT's faces with their instruments each? Can't wait to see that.

Hey, I can't wait to see Nagase puke Kame's face with his guitar to reveal the real fugliness of that punk. Or maybe Mabo stabs that girly-look-because-of-that-fat-lips guy in KUNTT using his drumstick to move like a real guy.

Nah~ TOKIO may be acting all yasashi in this countdown because they are collaborating with "girls". :D

Bonita said...

Mystery Guest? Let me guess, it's either Shounentai (where I expect a slimmer Nicky) OR the possibility of Tanokin Trio? lol.

The Boar group really put me at the edge of the seat since I'm a Sakamoto wanker fan, damn even though he's not all good looking but I still fuck him anywhere,lol.

Perhaps Tokio is the last resort to save KT from drowning..hahahahha

Dani Alex said...

Inoshishi 7...?

Could be cool. At the veryleast a camera panning between Maruyama and Sakamoto is bound to excite me.

I hope the special guest is Higashiyama or Hiromi Go.

Anonymous said...

can't believe KAT-TUN has debuted THIS year. they really do have too much drama for a new group. and even though i WAS one of those "OMG KT KT AHHH" fangirls.. even i'm so sick of them now.
and like shelby said first, OMG YAMASHITA. he only has SO many songs he can perform. and we've heard each ... 3... a bijillion times too many.

Camilla said...

I feel bad for Tokio. Having to have the... things to sing with :(. It should be Kanjani8 and Tokio collab instead, since K8 can atleast DO something and not try to look all sexy (and fail).

F.. said...

Tegomass is definitely gonna perform. They have the #1 song right now. I'm convinced that they were formed as JE's answer to WaT - the perfect combination of dorkiness and femininity.

Brenda said...

Then it is going to be broadcasted finally? I was reding on NHK's site that it wasn't going to be broadcasted this year... well, those are good things anyways, senpais in countdowns are always a nice thing to watch. Epsecially if there's Higashiyama lol.

Anonymous said...

Yet again, it's gonna be the same shitfest, only much more shittier. KattunTokio collab?? Umm, think I'll just listen to someone scratching a chalkboard thx.

And what, is Kinki gonna be in their 10th anni for all eternity? They're my fav, but the "OHMEDETOUUU TO T3H TEN YEARZ" is getting on my nerves.

The special guest is no one. Everyone and the hasbeens are gonna do another spanishy songdance number and make me bash my tv.

Anonymous said...

Of ALL the people and groups TOKIO can work with, it turns out to be KT. WHYY.

Anonymous said...

Japanese remake of Living La Vida Loca?

.........¿Qué carajos?

Anonymous said...

It's clearly going to be Go Hiromi without any question whatsoever. It was Matchy last year because Matchy did a single, and it's going to be Go Hiromi this year because Go Hiromi had an album and single this year. (BTW he also announced he's going to have a fashion clothes line LOL)

I think it's pretty funny that Johnny said it was about the history of Johnny's because that's what the countdown ALWAYS is every year. What the christ.

Two years ago it had songs from literally every major JE group minus Go Hiromi and THE GOOD BYE and they had Shounentai there, last year was Matchy and they had a pretty good variety of songs, but not as good as the previous year.

But I can almost say with complete certainly that the whole 'history' theme will just be the title of the medley that starts off when they announce the New Year.

I find it pretty damn funny that that guy from MA or whatever will be in this Inoshishi Seven only for the reason that they need a seventh member in it.

Wow, I am surprised that they chose Nakai over Kusanagi for the MC work. Nakai is normally too crazy for something as big as the Kouhaku. I bet the reason he's MCing is because nobody wants to listen to his godawful singing.

Anonymous said...

And oh, to whoever called the senpai 'hasbeens', you can go FUCK YOURSELF and DIE.

And Andalucia ni Akogarete kicks so much ass, it could be the only song they performed over an hour program and it would still be the best thing that ever aired on Japanese television that year.

If they still wanted to do music, it would still sell and the only reason they stopped because they were getting tired with the whole stardom thing.

Laura said...

Shounentai's single this year, "SOH", only made it to something like the 20's in the weekly rankings. I still love them but let's face it they don't get any marketing anymore.

Who thought that Miso Soopoo was number one? Get a reality check hun

I think it's safe to say that this year sucked in music


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