Tuesday, December 19, 2006

{Yao} Old meme

When you translate "15 minutes of fame" into Japanese, you get "2 seconds of fame."
Here are a few notable female celebs whose 2 seconds seem to be up. You'd be surprised. Or not.

Actress: Ito Misaki
She initially garnered popularity as Hermes in "Densha Ototko," but horribly overacted in "Sapuri." Many of her fans had their ~*~*~dreams shattered~*~*~ when she finally got a role with more than 2 lines.
What can I say Ito Misaki is gorgeous but unless she's playing a role where she just stands there and acts ethereally pretty or plays a horribly clingy burikko, then you're pretty much in store for a snore fest. Can we talk about how much "Sapuri" sucked though? First of all, it had that ugly motherfucker Kame in it in yet another continuation of his Shuuji character (and prequel for his current character in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi). I don't know how or why Eita agreed to go along with it because he belongs in pretentious films, but he made it slightly more bearable. But I digress, Ito Misaki should just peace out of the acting game and just appear in nothing but tampax and Shiseido anti-wrinkle ads like Koyuki does now.

Model: Ebihara Yuri
The charismatic model is just fine when being photographed, but once she opens her mouth it's pretty evident that there's not much going on in her head. She tried her hand at acting, but she said her lines as if she were reading from a cue card. She's also accused of only being shot from one angle in all her commercials, and some particularly catty people claim that they can see wrinkles on close up shots.
I don't know if this is just some jealous fatties that are making it up but you have to admit the whole Ebi-chan love you!<3 bit is getting old. Don't tell Oshikiri Moe about her declining popularity, though. She may go in for the kill.

Singer: Otsuka Ai
There have been many accusations of plagiarism:
- 2005's "Smily" sounds like wyse's "Friend"
- This year's "Yumekui" very much sounds like Mika Nakashima's "Will"
- Her big hit "Sakuranbo" sounds like Judy and Mary's "Overdrive" and Hysteric Blue's "Little Trip"
Let's be real here, all horribly mainstream Japanese music sounds exactly like all other horribly mainstream pop music. I mean can we please talk about how Koda Kumi's "Puppy" song off of her new album sounds just like Rihanna's S.O.S.? Otsuka Ai already has the readership of CanCam hating her almost as much as Ayu, if she loses the support of horny men and girls who read those fake indie fashion mags then she's done for.

In summary, people don't want cute, they want cunt.

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Anonymous said...

Agree...Kame is an ugly motherfucker and I hate seeing his fugly face everywhere...Thanks God both Sapuri and Tatta Hitotsu are flops or else it will be unbearable to see his fucking face in another drama.

bob said...

And I can't stand all three of these bitches. Thank god they're on their way out.

Anonymous said...

oh yao, the fake internet police are still trying to get you.

They even went as far as to pretend that they are avex.

"This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner Avex Entertainment, Inc. because its content was used without permission"

Pretending to be a company that more than likely won't give a shit about sites in english or america, is very truely sad. That right there is deserving of the "get a life" quote.

Anonymous said...

actually, they're not pretending. it is really avex - japanese entertainment companies are cracking down on youtube

Anonymous said...


a really good comparison between ai's songs and those songs.

Shiz said...

ROFLLLLLL that video is amazing. LAAAME, Ai, LAAAAAAME. and Mika Nakashima sounds so much better tyvm.

Shiz said...

oh, and yes Ito Misaki rly needs to quit with the acting career. Watching Sapuri was a chore for me; I could not STAND her. I actually though Kame was pretty good in it but IDK maybe that's just me. But Ito Misaki ruined it ):

bonita said...

Now that you mention abt Otsuka Ai, well the fact that she can be a called a talented singer/song writer srsly question the credibility of J-pop music scene. How come a girl who probably compile all the greatest songs and make it hers can be called a talented singer/songwriter.

Anonymous said...

That was the best. XD

Anonymous said...

orange range haters also had this kind of shit. i think anti-fans are just bored.

Anonymous said...




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