Friday, December 29, 2006

{Yao} 14sai no Hussy?

If you're like me and you Download Under the Influence of Boredom, you end up watching entirely too many dramas. Thus, that is why I'm probably going to be watching the finale of 14才の母 (14 year old mother) tonight against my better judgment. I still think the entire drama is an 11 hour propaganda piece aiming to guilt Japanese women into improving the birth rate....but I digress.

The star of the show is the 13-year-old Shida Mirai, who has been touted as the next big "it-girl" in the Japanese entertainment industry and who has up until now, a relatively clean reputation (hey, at least she didn't do any up the crotch shots for that gravure shot she did). But we all know people like dirt and dirt I have for you.

She has apparently been spotted 'canoodling' with Kamiki Ryuunosuke and Ya-Ya-yah's Yaotome Hikaru. Whatever, more power to her. I mean, if you've just got your period and those infamous secondary sexual traits are poppin' out, you'd probably go on a Johnny's Go-con too. Wait, did I mention that before? At any rate, it was 'mid-summer' apparently.

Of course, you can't have a gossip article about a pre-teen in Japan without the mention of some lecherous old man. The scriptwriter who brought you such quality JE-driven dramas such as Ningen Shikkaku (aka Kinki Kids get Kinky), Strawberry on the Shortcake (aka Takki gets Abba), and Pride (aka Kimutaku scores goals and Yuko Takeuchi), Nojima Shinji (43), is apparently 'chasing after her.' Grody.

"Nojima's taste (in women), to put it bluntly, are the 'baby-faced' type, as evidenced by his previous (interest) in people like Fukada Kyoko (Please, everyone with a penis and a wallet has done Fukakyo) and Adachi Yumi. He has the so-called 'lolita complex,' so it's no mystery that he's taken an interest in Shida." - a screenwriter.
He's also supposedly writing a drama for her now?


Oh ps, sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm in O-town and it's also my vacation!



Anonymous said...

This article makes me hate Japan even more and love you guys for bringing the story to me.

Laura said...

I love how the screenwriter is all "he's a pedophile but he's ok" lol

cho scandalous! said...

More like, "He likes them young lookin' ones so clearly he's decided to skip the middle man and just go for actually young ones."

Remember, Japan also brought us wonderful things. Like the Nintendo DS recipe game and Bathing Ape.

Anonymous said...

Where else can you be an accepted pedophile or a 13 year old kissin' around and posing in underwear and it'd be all PERFECTLY A-OK? Only Japan, man. It's the true country of opportunity. XD

Sabrina said...

k, those pictures of her in her little baby pajamas are so sexy.

im not really sure how anyone could think like that, but unfortunately some people do. >_>

can we say, scaaaary?

shelby said...

I still think the entire drama is an 11 hour propaganda piece aiming to guilt Japanese women into improving the birth rate....

I thought I was the only one who noticed this. Seriously, every fucking drama popped out these days is designed by the government to fix Japan's issues before half of them are 65+ in 2025.

I mean, Anego? Come on. Baggy old focused career woman with personal drive and no interest in family eventually ends up with a piece of healthy young, obedient, sperm-filled breeding stock? Just an excuse to try and convince all the parasaito last minute to get married to the hikikomori and save Japan before ITS TOO LATE!!!1

Anonymous said...

Well, ingoring that all first world nations don't have impressive birth rates anyway, I bet the Japanese govt never thought about changing laws regarding sexism in Japan, or not allowing porn to be everywhere. You know I would totally look for articles regarding this, but I want to see if someone will do it for me. :P

shelby said...

"Shutting Out The Sun: How Japan Created Its Own Lost Generation" by Michael Zielenziger. Or Yao/Vron/any other knowledgable choscandy readers can link you to some actual website articles.

Non-tl;dr version:

America's birthrate: 2.1
Japan's birthrate: 1.29 (in 2003 - 24th consecutive year its fallen so it's even less now)

Anonymous said...

Thanks. ( I knew someone would look it this up/ know it off hand!) Although Japan's birth rate sucks, there are a lot of other highly developed nations that have worse ones.

If America's rate goes down by .1, we're only braking even with population and as my sociology prof told me the reason it's going up is because of all the immigrantion we're getting.

Anonymous said...

She's acting with like the hottest 16 year old ever and she's sexing up those two sissies instead?
You fail Shida.

Anonymous said...


At least they're in her age group!!!

sadotsu said...

'canoodling' with Kamiki Ryuunosuke

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA god that is the funniest thing I've heard in ages.

Esther said...

rofl, you guys should keep up with your rumors, these have been going around for ages :p

Japan's probably the only country in the world in which photobooks full of pictures of half naked 13-year-olds would be considered normal anyway.

Anonymous said...

that's gonna go barf now

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks Yatome Hikaru looks like Jew girl from Teen Witch?


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