Wednesday, November 08, 2006

{Yao} Where in the World is Akanishi Jin 2

Today has been a very good day. Dems have swept both house and senate and Rumsfeld has finally sucked a dick and resigned. Oh and I gave myself a manicure and my nails look fabulous.

Enough of heavy topics, let's talk about how Jin managed to suck even more dick.

Apparently, the school Jin finally decided to enroll in a specialty school only identified as "Language System" in Korean Town, LA, a specialty school that teaches its students middle school level english. He enrolled at the end of October and the latest news is that he's already dropped out.

The official take on this is that there were too many Japanese students there and that they caused too much uproar to let him be. The coordinator says that she's looking for another program for him to enroll in, but all programs in the area have a high concentration of Japanese students.

"If he truly wants to study in peace, he has to go to a school filled only with Americans."
Um lol all that will do is replace giggling cell-phone picture taking Japanese girls with screaming anime t-shirt wearing American girls.

"However, American schools start in September so it's already too late, plus Akanishi's language skills are a problem."
iawtc. Jin, do you actually want to learn English? How much effort would it have taken to google when the American school system starts?

"Where will he go next?"
Even Japanese people are getting impatient. I'd highly recommend Malta. That's where my dad and Kim Jong Il learned English and how many girls with horrible english from Malta spam your forums requesting for kattun files?
God forbid if Jin decides that he needs to learn English in like, Hong Kong, but maybe we'll get lucky and some batshit crazy fan will put glue in his drinks.

Oh and other hot topic seems to be 'KAMENASHI PLASTIC SURGERY SUSPICIONS.'
Listen Japanese blogs, I know how much you all love old meme but this is ridiculous.
However, I am too lazy to photoshop a picture of Jin being attacked by fangirls so a fugly picture of kame will have to do.



Anonymous said...

He enrolled in a school in LA? So that halloween party in NYC was just a stopover?

YAO said...

Yes, except it was more of a 'i'm going to half-ass search for schools in the nyc region but actually party' type of stopover.

reindeer said...

I like kame!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kame so smart,so cool,so sexy,Kame looking good. I love kame. I like
everything is Kame.Untill but now I like Kame and love Kame.


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