Thursday, November 09, 2006

{Yao} Wat?

what is this faggotry

Don't tell me JE is going to try to do that 'let's debut in america'* thing again. I bet they're all like THIRD TIME'S A CHARM!!!!

Can we talk about how it's under the 'REGGAE' section?
Can we talk about how it's WAL-MART?

God, how low are you going to sink Kattun?

Here is why Kattun can not make it in america:
1. American people, according to the iTunes download ranking (which never lies!!!) like Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Jamz, and whiny indie bands. Kattun is none of the above.
2. In America, we won't stand for music in oriental pig latin.
3. Kattun look like fagz.
4. They don't have a song about them being Japanesey.
5. Did I mention we like Jamz?
6. Koki looks like he has that disease where he ages too quickly.
7. $13.88 is a pretty steep price for a Kattun CD.
8. There are no hot latinos/as in Kattun.
9. If Shounentai couldn't make it nobody can!!11

*First Four Leaves, then Shounentai and now KTTUN?


Adam said...


They are so doomed from the getgo.

shelby said...

I can't decide which is a weirder and more generally confusing in all logical ways -- a single released in Sweden about Miso Soup or KAT-TUN's CD for sale at WAL-MART when clearly they are not even a whole group anymore.

Grace said...

does this mean that if I walk into Wal-Mart and look in the reggae CDs section I'll see KATTUN? WTF! now I can't go to Wal-Mart?! Man... Kattun really IS Satan's disciples. They better not get into Target too because then I'll really be screwed!

Laura said...

What a joke.

Dani Alex said...

You have gotta be fucking kidding m. If someone actually sees this cd in a store please take a picture of it (preferably w/ walmart price tag) and show me. I'll put it as the background of my pc and LOL forever!

Anonymous said...

even if I don't live there, I also find it WTF??


YAO said...

shelby - Have you seen the supposed lyrics for that song? Let's just say they think spelling 'hot' as 'hawt' makes it cute.

grace - inorite? Target is my jam and they're too classy to stock kattun.

daniel - If i lived in Cali, i'd get on it lol

anon - omg awesome scoop

mamsi_bear said...

this was "anon" LOL
anyway, I find this blog very "informative" and i've made it a part of my daily internet habit.

I was actually just checking out mainichi daily for the current bullying=suicide incidents Japanese schools. Plus their tabloid-ish stories. The I saw tha KATTUN relatedarticle.

I might might be converted into KAT-TUN hater because of this!

rynn said...

for realz?? So jin getting crunk in US is part of the greater scheme of things (read: JE world domination)?? Hmmm if Jin can't get enrolled in "language school", maybe he should go part-time @ walmart LOL

shelby said...

oh god, I know. The whole swedish single thing is smelling like a way to advertise some instant soup's new commercial theme song. I mean, "All the love you give me mom"?

jin would be the greeter at wal-mart

Dione said...

WTF. KAT-TUN. IN THE REGGAE SECTION. i noticed how they said for Track 13 (Harukana Yakusoku) said that it "cannot be translated" XDD

Anonymous said...

Wait, is it really selling in Wal-mart?

Anonymous said...

I mean in store, has anyone check it out?

placebojules said...

I saw it at Walmart and was suddenly temporarily blinded, had to take a time out in the food court to regain my vision. be careful, this could be you.

Anonymous said...


kate said...



Squints said...


i'm going to have to post something about this in kunt-t love.

Squints said...

... again.

Anonymous said...

"Kat-Tun Orgel"

Anonymous said...

It's probably bootleg. It says that it's made in the US.

Anonymous said...

YAYY!!! KATTUN CD IN WALMART?!?! wootz!! great stuff at low price! :D gotta love walmart <3

Anonymous said...

:O!!! target too!! yay!! now I don't have to go all the way to walmart to get it :) target is closer to where I live. thanks for the info! :D

Anonymous said...

oh man... America is finally getting good music! Fast and cheap in the store near you. :3

Anonymous said...

wow poor koki.. so he has the disease that every american seems to have... thats unfortunate.


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