Monday, November 06, 2006

{Yao} OH?しゃれ: Mika Nakashima

To me, fashion is even more serious business than the internet is. Therefore, on slow news days I've decided that making fun of celebrity stylists (what? as if any famous person in Japan actually dresses themselves) will suffice.

Today's victim is Mika Nakashima. Now, don't get me wrong I think Mika is very pretty and can be classy if she wants to be. However, what the hell is up with this faggotry?

What happened to her during the shooting of NANA that has made her embrace the whole 'derelict' look and look like she's a victim of famine and genocide?

Make that a victim of famine, genocide and the goths.

Ironically the top picture is for a charity event she attended with Mandy Moore and N.E.R.D. to raise money for the tsunami.
Too bad this is an asian entertainment blog but Mandy Moore is out-porking even Ayu amirite?


shiz said...

LOL I blame Gackt for this faggotry. It's his fault that Japan thinks they can slap on the cornrows and bust out the bling and all of a sudden they're IN DA HOOD LOL. Hoshit, Mika Nakashima does rly look emaciated in that picture.

Mandy Moore can out-pork anyone, no fake. So tragic :'C

VERONICA said...

wat mandy moore is not even much fat, i don't know what picture you are looking at

i'll fight someone over mandy, she is my gf

VERONICA said...

oh wait nvm, she looks pretty big there

Kendoyuki said...

ROFL now I wanna read that UFO book!!

Wowww she really needs to stick with the "classy" style, because she is gorgeous. The cornrows and the dead goth thing is making me T_T


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