Wednesday, November 15, 2006

{Yao} Oh jesus christ it's actually real

You have to admit when people first were freaking out about Tegomass in Sweden, it pretty much sounded like some "BETTER THAN BOTOX?!" deal that was in reality the product of lots of photoshop and Korean fangirls. I mean how could you blame the skeptics?

Well now we have actual video footage AND a radio rip. What the hell is the world coming to?


The video looks like they want to be the Kinki Kids so badly except they had like less money for the music video and like, Sclub7's reject songwriter.

I have a few questions for you:

1) What is the point of releasing a song in English that is unintelligible. I mean, Shakira has a pretty weird sounding voice when she sings in English and she sure as hell slurs half her words but at least I could understand maybe 5 words. This song, on the other hand, sounds like two Japanese guys who failed english class trying to sing some A*Teens song at karaoke. Oh wait....
2) Hey, I know what a great debut single would be, a song about yr mom!!! I mean really folks, they already look like they're 12, there's no need to add fuel to the pedophile fires.

Wait, people actually want to buy this single?


Eve said...


Anonymous said...

Can we talk about that creepy lady who had TONS of JE stuff?

Anonymous said...


miso souPU

::rolls eyes::

VERONICA said...



F said...

I never understood why either of them have a fan following.

Anonymous said...

yea but I know someone who knows her and from what I hear she works for JE. So probably she gets the suff for free or lives in the JE warehouse.

Bonita said...

That's it! I'm going to fly to Japan and save the Jimusho..roflmao.

Anonymous said...

tegoshi is cool. don't be hatin'

too bad massus is a fat, ugly bastard and the song is terrible.

actually i'm just going to assume it's terrible. i don't even want to hear it :(:(

Anonymous said...


"So I ran - again - to Ava and almost cried. It was such a big thing for me and I was weird in my knees. It felt like I was going to fall down on the ground and die."

"Once outside, I couldn't help but smell my hand. I was glad when I noticed I wasn't the only one doing so! It still smells like perfume and oil and I really don't want to wash it ever again!"

"I must say this was the best day of my life. I've been in such a shock I haven't been able to eat anything for 32 hours"

Anonymous said...

this is actually more towarded to the commenters than you guys since i know that tegoshi and masuda totally aren't the type you'd like but hey, people are different right. i went and even though i'm more of a casual news fan, i had awesome time. they really didn't fail me in real life.

masuda is so not fat. if he is fat then i don't know what seriously fat people are. he just has a round face and he isn't anorectic, how can that be fat?

about the song...
1) why english? beats me. i didn't get it.
2) why a song about your mom? beats me again.

i'm emotionally attached to the song after seeing it live but if i was a random swede hearing it on radio i'd be pretty much WTF WHY.

anyway, the point about why the whole thing is awesome is not the song, but the fact that they actually went to sweden to meet european fans. i don't think anyone seriously thought they'd make it big in sweden so the song is like an omake.

sorry for the long comment, i just thought this post needed a non-spazzy point of view of someone who went there :)

Anonymous said...

hahah, nah massu is cool. W/EEE

just as long as you're not one of the crazy fuckers that kept sniffing their hands, you are cool.

Anonymous said...

oh my god... how can people be so fucked up in the head??? seriously, don't you have anything better do do than be calling massu fat och calling the older woman with uchiwas, fucking strange? people, please get a life... I'm so sick of people hating on everything... i was there and i had a great time, even went to the after party, where i got to talk to them and they were so nice... so i just can't understand why you got to mess a good thing up... just because your life sucks... if you don't like it then don't, but don't ruin it for others... and the song is actually good, very sweet and lovely...

Anonymous said...

Their mother language is not English, so their prononciation is certainly strange.....
How about if i ask u to sing a Cantonese song?
i dont think u can handle it well..

Masuda is not fat!
if he is fat, how about u guys in america with "breast" and dummies?!

pls be considerate the others at their views and respect them, thz!

maybe i got some grammar mistakes...
at least i can teach u a lesson,
i am NOT an English speaker! XD

Anonymous said...



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