Sunday, November 05, 2006

{Yao} Invasion of privacy!!!

Miss us?
We missed you all too, but I wouldn't hold your breath over the weekends for updates because November is that glorious month between mid-terms and finals when we can meet and greet with all the people we meant to call but didn't.
But I digress, today I bring you some pictures that should be best left private but are not.

1: I'll give you three guesses who this incognito member of smap is. Too skinny to be Shingo, too non-pointy to be Tsuyoshi, and pretty much too shady to be anyone else.
Why is Inagaki Goro chillin' outside of a (what I would assume to be) AMPM? Can we also talk about that ugly shirt?

2: Apparently, this is Akanishi Jin's little brother. I know most of you are going to be like, "How does he look anything like Jin?" but I remind you that the picture you're probably looking at is some overexposed, photoshopped, post-plastic surgery fashion ad. You need to look at something like this and then the similarities start popping out.

3: LOL @ Kimutaku.

Oh and PS we received our first negative comment ever recently on the Yunho<3glue post. I highly recommend it as some nice light reading in between meals.


Anonymous said...

his name is akanishi leo, apparently.

Anonymous said...

I like Akanishi Leo.
I think there are resembrances.
Jin is super cute and has femminin features.
Leo is more mascular, but he's got good structure.
Leo has potential to look hot.
I mean, who looks good in yearbook photo anyway...

It just takes good hairstylist and make-up artist and vois-la.
Oh, and, he must practice w/ sexy expression!lol


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