Thursday, November 02, 2006

{yao} Chirashi: T.H.XI.S., I'm getting bored of Jin, ayu's jeliz of ebi-chan?, and Koki's ssssecret dating

Recently, Tackey&Tsubasa's Takizawa Hideaki and Ishihara Satomi have been spotted getting into a taxi together with "an air of secrecy." Word on the street is that they have been dating ever since they starred together in the NHK hit drama Yoshitsune. Idk, I guess they're cute together. Their children will have big lips.

He likes them young
10/27: Tanaka Koki of KAT-TUN was spotted on a "late night private room date." A celeb reporter (lol i guess they mean paparazzi) said, "His date was a very young girl. She was probably not a celebrity, i've never seen her face before." Apparently this 'private room' was actually just a karaoke box. And we all know karaoke box dates = dick sucking.

Where in the World Is Akanishi Jin-ego?
A girl studying abroad at a certain school in downtown L.A. was recently quoted, "Yesterday, Akanshi Jin came to my school and that sent me into a huge panic!" Apparently, this 'school' is not an official college but more like a prep school to help non-native english speakers get into english speaking universities. It's in downtown L.A. and the fee is reasonably cheap so it seems to be popular with many Japanese exchange students. Sry 2 say members of kattunlove, he's not going to be popping into yr history 101 class in your local community college.

And in a few months she'll be releasing a self titled album with a track called 'Jealousy'
on 9/1 there was some event called "Kiwi Day" where the press wanted to take a picture of Ayumi Hamasaki and Ebi-chan together. However, this was foiled when Ayu pulled a diva and refused to take pictures with Ebihara, and wore sunglasses the entire time claiming that she had conjunctivitis, except that when solo pictures were taken without said sunglasses her eyes were not red at all. The blog I got this from then proceeded to go on about how she has 'nothing to be afraid about' because she has 'amazing fashion' etc etc. Too bad Ebi-chan's not fat? When is Ayu going to start hating on Koda Kumi? I mean she's stealing all the SCawaii covers from her.



VERONICA said...

lololol ayu porked up so good. see, nagase really WOULD fuck a fat girl!


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