Wednesday, November 01, 2006

{Yao} Before They Had Photoshop Part 1

And now it's time to prove to all of you that celebrities were as (if not more) ugly as us common folk before they became famous and could afford stylists and leet photoshop artists. We'll start off today with pop divas.

1: First, we have our favorite person in the world, Ayumi Hamasaki. Look at this picture. Then look at any of the pictures that pop up in google and let's play Find the Parts That Have Been Surgically 'Enhanced'! Also can we talk about how fat she got during her JEWEL performance? Shady japanese blogs are suggesting that she's pregnant but personally I think she's just on a secret eating binge. That creepy guy in the picture is what you get when you google secret eating.

2: Does anyone remember Suzuki Ami? I used to secretly listen to her stuff back in early high school and apparently there were shady dealings with her management and she went MIA for about 5 years but I guess she's back with anime theme songs or w/e. Anyway, I have this heinous picture of her and I thought it would be fun to compare it with this one. Come on, open both in separate tabs and flip back and forth between them. It's like fast forwarding through Extreme Makeover.

3: Hikki had a mad dark 'stache going on. Now, as a Northern Asian myself I understand our ancestors had to grow extra hair to protect our emaciated bodies from the harsh Manchurian winters but that is some prominent upper lip hair. Who came up with the term 'upper lip' anyway? Like hair can grow on your lips.
But I digress, the moral of the story is that a good eyebrow wax job can do wonders.


Rynn said...

I'm curious. Can we please see the real Koda Kumi too?

Eve said...

lmao, I only know Ami Suzuki for her sole song in Initial D

Ayu prob might still look like that when she wakes up next to Nagase


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