Sunday, November 05, 2006

{VERONICA} yeah, i'm a lardass, but at least i'm not famous!

"'When she sang loudly during the chorus she got a double chin, and her upper arms were soft and flabby, a lot thicker than before. It's not surprising that fans were shocked.' - says a music writer"

Just when you thought the Bitch Fight was over... Koda Kumi has picked a new target; the Queen of J-Pop! And if Ayu's the type of girl who gains weight from stress, it looks like it's a losing battle. Could everyone's favorite little Pug Faced Prostitute take over the title?

[21:58] yao: ps juicy rumor of the moment: koda kumi might be the reason why ayu is fat
[21:59] veronica: wat
[21:59] veronica: did she put poison fat in her water bottle or something
[22:00] yao: lol no i didn't read it closely but something about the competition causing stress so koda kumi has moved up from otsuka ai and is now taking on ayu and making her fat
[22:00] veronica: oh dear god
[22:00] veronica: ayu has unacceptably low self esteem then
[22:00] veronica: i fuckin hate that bitch
[22:00] veronica: she lets koda kumi make her fat
[22:01] veronica: then she goes home and wobbles on top of nagase's cock
[22:01] veronica: and then she goes shopping
[22:01] veronica: what the fuck
[22:01] yao: omg
[22:01] yao: can you please write all of that in yr post


shelby said...


This is so sadistically amusing. Koda might be whore but if she realizes our dream of instilling, "AYU IS FUG AND YOU CAN DO WAY BETTER" into Nagase then she's aight. Though if I was banging Nagase I don't care what bitch was underhandedly laying into my reputation, I'm sucking Nagase's cock therefore I need no approval. Have some self-respect, Ayu.

Charisma. said...

Good. I can't stand Ayu


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