Wednesday, November 29, 2006

{VERONICA} Really, now.

Vogue Nippon awarded their 14th annual Women of the Year Awards earlier this week in Tokyo. Whatever, whatever, they do that awards shit all the time. But let's run down the list of the 14 winners:

1. figure skating gold medalist Arakawa Shizuka
2. model Anne
3. fashion designer Mori Hanae
4. artist Matsui Fuyuko
5. singer Koda Kumi,
6. TV newscaster Takigawa Christel
7. actress Momoi Kaori
8. actress Kikuchi Rinko
9. actress Sawajiri Erika
10. actress Nakatani Miki
11. actress Nagasawa Masami
12. actress Matsuyuki Yasuko

If you're smart, you're yelling WTF right along with me. One of the most esteemed fashion publications in all of Japan searched high and low for this year's female leaders in achievement, beauty, lifestyle and fashion, and they STILL put Koda Kumi.

This Koda Kumi?

This Koda Kumi?

This Koda Kumi?

THIS Koda Kumi?!!?!?!

Clearly there must be some mistake. And that mistake is not letting me judge these awards. I mean sure, my list would just be Takeuchi Yuko and Shiina Ringo alternated 10 times each, but it would still be better than any list containting Koda Kumi. I mean, I like Hamasaki Fucking Ayumi better than Koda Kumi, and she's fucking my man!

This is where you come in--in the comments, make your own Top 14! Who rocked your boat this year? Actresses, Models, Singers, Porn Stars, whatever. Make a list, get creative, and depending on the results you may contribute to one of the many Year End Lists Yao and I Are Planning on Doing But Probably Never Will!

...Just don't put Koda Kumi. For the love of God.


Anonymous said...

ok, I don't get the Koda Kumi hate. Yes she's a slut but she doesn't pretend not to be, she's fun on interview shows, she can sing alright, her music is catchy enough for Jpop, and she talks like a Kansai obachan. What's the problem?

The only female geinoujin worth shit is Aoki Sayaka as far as I'm concerned, but seriously, why the hatin'?

Bobula said...

Lalala, that's great and all, but she's not a fucking WOMAN OF THE YEAR. At least, not in any rational mind she isn't.

ps: also she is a slut

Anonymous said...

For some reason everyone when her Yume no Uta came out everyone when crazy and I don't know why. I think it's because she acutally wrote the song but I don't know

tae said...

Koda Kumi sucks in my opinion >_< she has no talent and tries to be too much like American female singers... AKA crap.

I agree with you about Takeuchi Yuko, she rocks.

Anonymous said...

The point here is Koda Kumi being chosen as "woman of the year"

I don't hate her and heck most female singers in Japan and in the US look/dress like hoes anyways.
I like some of her songs, but she doesn't get my respect to the level of being "woman of the year".

It's sad to see the list even.
I was thinking "OMFG those women deserve to be chosen as "women of the year"?
No social activist? No politican or businesswoman?

Then again this is Vogue we are talking about here, not Time magazine.

minami said...

uuuh... why??? i absolutely loathe koda kumi. didn't she even get a nail award or something too?
i dont understand. WTF?

Bonita said...

WTF? VOGUE NIPPON LoL!! I think Koda Kumi is trying too hard to act slutty like Madonna on stage but with no style..roflmao.

plus erika sawajiri? is acting as dying woman deserve that kind of award? lol..

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Sawajiri Erika is on the list, with all this - her having a bitchy attitude recently - rumors and news is going around. Celebrities that get mad at their hairstylists and yell at people aren't good role models and shouldn't be voted as woman of the year. That's what I think.

YAO said...

See, that's what Koda Kumi should be winning; the nail awards. That I can understand. I guess Vogue Nippon was just tripping over themselves that someone is giving Ayu a run for her money now, regardless of (lack of) taste in fashion/tact.

Come on girls, even US Vogue celebrates actually not vapid people.

Anonymous said...

my 14~

-Suzuki Emi
-Otsuka Ai
-Shiina Ringo
-Horikita Maki
-Katou Koyuki
-Misaki Itoh
-Matsuura Aya
-Dou Mariko
-Aoki Sayaka
-Amuro Namie

hmm thats about all I can think of, and it's not very serious I know, but I like all these people

Anonymous said...

Come on girls, even US Vogue celebrates actually not vapid people.

LOL. It's JAPAN. Is there a more vapid country on this planet? You have to lower the bar or you're gonna be disappointed. All this talk about sense and rationality and TASTE is making my rofflecopter take off. People walk around in blackface dressed like Pikachu for fuck's sake, Koda Kumi is the least of their worries.

Fact is, bitch was huge this year, she is everywhere, and she sells magazines. I'd be surprised if she wasn't on the list. Just be glad she's fucking that loser Wentz and not Nagase.

mori said...

why the hell does the list only contain ppl who have appeared on TV or w/e. all I see are singers/actresses...etc. COMON I'M TRYING NOT TO BE CORNY BUT THERE GOTTA BE SOME GREAT FEMALE SCIENTISTS/CEOS OUT THERE! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

This is Japan after all... I guess all the Koda Kumi fans will buy Vogue and Vogue will make money and thus they pick her. But out of all the talented (and some not so talented) singers you'd think they could at least find another one... nope. -_-

...and wait. Wentz?

Victoria said...

I like Koda Kumi, but there are probably better people to choose as singers. I think she has a great voice, but the sluttiness is too much at times.

#1 Arakawa Shizuka. HECK YEAH. I watched her in the Olympics; she was so good.

Sawajiri Erika? I'm surprised. And I didn't know Nagasawa Masami was that popular. But I'm REALLY surprised that Ayumi didn't make the list. I haven't really kept up to date with her like in the past, but I guess she isn't as popular anymore?

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't think of 14 at the top of my head but there are alot of other girls that derserve that award more than "Ms. I don't wear anything but 10 ponds of make up and a piece of string"

Some times, I honestly think Lil Kim has more class than her...

Anonymous said...

What. Why Sawajiri Erika?...
I think at least Koda Kumi being up there makes more sense than her being there.

Anonymous said...

all I'm gonna say is that Arakawa Shizuka is F-ing AWESOME and at least they didn't mess up on that.

The rest all just seem to be randomly popular >_< ...although I agree with Nagasawa Masami because she's managed to become popular with a lot of talent and not a lot of major ho quality

Squints said...

she's like britney influential.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture choice. XD

Bobula said...

Gross, Wentz? I didn't hear about that. DD:

Anonymous said...

ok, fun fact from the frontlines: NO ONE CARES ABOUT AYU ANYMORE. Ever since that cheating on Nagase scandal (seriously her popularity BOMBED right after that) and Koda Kumi making it big, no one gives a flying fuck. Seriously, I think Shimatani Hitomi or whatever her name is has more pull at this point.

Anonymous said...

also: being a happy ho is better than being a fucking expressionless doormat like half of these stupid Japanese cunts.

Anonymous said...

1) Shiina Ringo
2) Cocco
3) BoA
4) Wada Akiko
5) Shiina Ringo
6) Aoi Yuu
7) Inoue Mao
8) Matsushima Nanako
9) Shiina Ringo
10) Shiina Ringo

Ringo deserves more spots because she's releasing new solo stuff. LOVE. HERRRRR.

Anonymous said...

I love Koda Kumi. She's Skanktastic!!!! :) But I do think her music and style was better during her 'secret' era, ever since her first two BEST albums I haven't liked her music or image as much, she's kind of boring now. :(

Also, having the image of a whore/slut doesn't necessarily mean one IS in one's personal life. Just like a lot of those girls with the "innocent" images are secretly sluts ... the 'illusion' and the 'reality' can be completely different. So to assume something about her and say "she's a slut" just based on her image shows a serious lack of understanding and/or intelligence. She might really be a slut ... but then again, she might not. Unless you're the one in her pants contracting an STD, you really have no way of knowing for sure!!

Also, she deserves some props for ruthlessly clawing her way to the top and doing WHATEVER IT TAKES (including sexual favors, etc) to get on top and stay there. For that alone she deserves Woman of the Year! :)

Tanera Anderson said...

She's good singer but she doesn't deserves the woman of Year


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