Wednesday, November 01, 2006

{VERONICA} no one messes with my princess!

You know, just when the sting of Reese and Ryan's impending divorce finally wormed its way out of the sensitive cockles of my heart, Fate deals me another blow last night with the news of Takeuchi Yuko's breakup from kabuki dick Nakamura Shido. Shock lead to deep sadness as I fondly recalled their cute meeting on the set of hit 2005 movie Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu (you may have watched the sub par drama with Narimiya Hiroki last year), their fall into deep love, marriage, the arrival of a new son, now 9 months old. Sadness quickly turns to anger as I read reports of Nakamura's apparent total disregard for his family as he gets arrested for drunk driving and gallavants around Tokyo with models he is not even much married to. Fuck that guy, Yuko is the most beautiful, nice, sweet, perfect woman in Japan and he is a douchebag. This is just like when Issa from Da Pump cheated on Misaki Ito. (Then again, who HASN'T he cheated on?) Takeuchi won't be hurting for long though, as CM pitches are inundating her agency, some for as much as 50 to 100 million yen. The role of "scorned lover" and "heartbroken divorceè" can be very lucrative these days, and there's no doubt that the highest paid actress in Japan is going to cash in on her pain.

The bottom line is, love is a cruel illusion. Buy a vibrator.



audrey said...


Adam said...

Nakamura, you didn't! I liked you so much in Fearless too

yumenoko said...

She's awesome, and if I swung that way, I'd do her. She is the poster child for sweet and benign. He is the most wanted poster for having shit for brains.


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