Monday, October 23, 2006

{yao} Wait, really?

First things first, let's just look at that picture...and song title name. I feel like the chorus is going to be Tegoshi Yuya (aka the girly kid from My Boss My Hero) and Masuda toolazytogooglehisfirstname (aka the fat one) singing about how "Easy breezy Japanesy" they are and/or about how much they can get for 10 dolla.

But let's not talk about that, let's talk about what they're doing in Sweden. Yes, Sweden.

"Miso Soup" is written by Swedish songwriters (but then again when is a Johnny's song NOT written by Swedish people?) and they'll be promoting hardcore there from November 14 on. I guess Johnny finally realize America is a lost cause because I mean if the Four Leaves can make it as a pin-up in a Tiger Beat but not the top 40? Clearly America hates asians.

I'd also like to direct your attention to this little gem:
"Yuuya Tegoshi and Takahisa Masuda are Japan's biggest idols right now and form the group TegoMass. The guys got their breakthrough as members of the group NewS which has released seven albums and sold many millions of records in Japan. Their concerts were attended by hundreds of thousands of fans consisting mostly of girls of all ages, from 8-10 to 55. 'Your own life is worth nothing. The idols are everything,' say their fans.
Do I even need to make a joke about that? I think not.

Man, the only j-artists we got were Psycho le Cemu, and they're druggies.

Okay maybe just the lead singer. Listen, if he didn't have meth then he couldn't keep his figure, k?



veronica said...

you forgot to mention that NeWs sucks and they deserved to die like the vermin that they were.

Dani Alex said...

That is the stupidest name for a group I have heard in a long time.

Laura said...

Can we please talk about how retarded this whole deal is?


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