Sunday, October 29, 2006

{Yao} Incriminating Johnny's photos (Part 1)

I love scandalous pictures. Some or all of these may be old meme to you depending on how much of a internet stalker you are of livejournal communities, but for the rest of us who don't care as much these are some nice conversation starters.
"How was your day?"
"Not as good as Takki's day when he was sexxin' up his girl!"


"My brother is going through a goth phase."
"Don't worry, Koki was pretty goth and look how fake thug he is now."

First: Takizawa Hideaki and his old girlfriend. I love these so-clearly-revenge pictures. Celeb dumps girl, girl sends naked picture to all the tabloids. It's a win-win situation.
Edit: My apologies, I have so many Takki + girlfriend pictures that I uploaded the wrong one. The current one is the correct one but stay tuned for a part 2 for that and more A+++++++ pictures.

Second: Tanaka Koki of KAT-TUN apparently "smoking underage."
Can we please talk about those eyebrows and that gothique ass nail job.

Third: A unnecessarily large amalgamation of that guy who left NewS first and his girlfriend(s).
Moriuchi whateverhisfirstname is sure did love his lady/ies and he sure loved to love his lady/ies on purikura.

Last: Tomohisa Yamashita (otherwise know as Yamapi for fans/people who don't feel like rolling out all those syllables) of NewS/gYm/himself apparently "smoking underage."
Completely unrelated but why are people attracted to his womanly body?

The moral of the story is that never leave a paper trail when you're dating someone/friends with someone you're 20% sure you're going to dump/backstab.


shelby said...

That moriuchi guy was fug fug fuggggggg. I applaud his ex who obviously didn't gag with that face up close just so she could later on sell his pics to the tabloids for a hot new bag.

shiz said...

LOL KOKI. NOT SO THUG LYFE NOW, AMIRITE. Oh god. That made my day.

Takki and his hot date look like they're 12. EWW :C

VERONICA said...

whatever, moriuchi was the jam. notice how NewS totally didn't suck before he left, and where are they now? ....oh, yeah.

Eve said...

v-ron, I haven't seen anything with moriuchi to agree or disagree with you, so plz hook a sistah up.

lmao is that kame with pi, ballz hangin' outtt

guess1 said...

lol... can't believe that moriuchi guy got some action. have any pics of yamapi with girls?

Erin said...

yamapi with girls? um, there was keiko kitagawa - does that count?

oooohhh, i have some more pics here of certain JE boys with their gfs (mostly my fave member of a certain band) and i gotta say, dump the slut/whore chicks. maybe i should post it up too...

oh, and this site rocks like wtf!! more please!

grace said...

... am i the only one that thinks that the girl in takki's picture looks like ueto aya? but like, the AV actress version...

Anonymous said...

that can't be kamenashi and yamapi.. they hated each other

Anonymous said...

more Takki + girlfriend pics plz!

Anonymous said...

moreeeeeeeeeee takki and girls pix plss...gawd! his ero-nerve's full on~!

andi said...

hahaha those pics are so old!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh well, Kattun is bad, newS is bad...and they're gays..the girl of the photo maybe is a guy like yamapi when he was a child...ah yes! yamapi is gay but I like him girl's body


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