Tuesday, October 31, 2006

{Yao} Incriminating Johnny's photos (Part 2)

First: Yes folks, that is a picture of the young Morita Go of V6 making some chick in horrible fashion suck his plastic/lollipop(?)/unusually small and narrow dick. Well I'd certainly like to go to one of these dick suckin' parties but can we talk about how fug he is in this picture?

Second: This seems to be a nice little picture of Nakai Masahiro from SMAP and his buddies out on a nice trip to the beach. That's nice and dandy and all but can we talk about his buddies? Clearly they are yakuza members. Okay maybe he just has friends that love getting tattoos that make them look like yakuza but let's be real here if you have sleeves of dragons and inclement water you're probably going to be hustling people for money after dark.
Oh and also there was this rumor going around that he forced some ex-girlfriend of his to have an abortion. Spiiiicy.

Third: What you see in this picture is a more or less clear shot of Ikuta Toma's wang. Naturally, when you're just chillin' at an onsen you'd want to have photographers take an awkward aerial shot of you and your private parts.
Who the hell is trying to get up on him from behind?
I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I'm just wondering why there aren't more penis slips like this.

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eringi said...

This has been bugging me all freaking day and I'm too lazy to look myself so:
What the heck song is "cho scandalous" from? It's Teriyaki Boyz right?

A said...

dude, Nakai with some yaks is nothing. If you're in the geinoukai, you're buddies with at least one oyaji covered in tattoos. One of my senpai (not naming names here ROTFL) gave us a long talk about how the "ii occhan" that took him out drinking to a hostess club...that "ii occhan" was the head of one of the biggest families in Osaka. At the bar I work at now, we get lots of finger-missin' customers, and they're all happy to talk about their famous friends (one guy claimed he could get me V6's autographs but I think he just wanted ass) If you ignore the fact that 1)their hands are probably covered in blood and 2)if you take them to karaoke, they fucking INSIST on only singing songs with "otoko" in the title, they do know how to party. Sadly in real life none of them are hawt like in Kudokan dramas though. :(

My favorite part of that chibi-Go BJ picture is how he isn't paying any attention at all to the fangirl. I mean christ, if you're gonna humiliate yourself by sucking a 15 year old's candy cock, at least get him to watch...


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