Wednesday, October 25, 2006

{yao} bitch fight!

Okay so maybe this is old meme to some of you but what can I say I love feuds. Especially when they involve two divas. Koda Kumi and Otsuka Ai have been going at it to get the #2 spot over at Avex. #1 is of course reserved for our favorite Nagase-stealing plastic surgery enthusiast. But enough about Ayumi Hamasaki, let's talk a little about our challengers:

This is Koda Kumi. She's the one who pioneered "ero-kawaii" (aka being slutty in polka dotted bows) and makes it okay for 10 year old girls the world over to think that dry humping = dancing. Anyway, since her "Best Second Session" CD+DVD has now beat Utada Hikaru as the top selling solo female artist CD release, she should be pretty much Avex's next diva, right?

Wrong. Out of nowhere comes singer-songwriter Otsuka Ai and she happens to not only rank higher on the 'desirable girlfriend' list (Otsuka 7, Koda 20), but she also got second billing for an Avex shareholder's concert. Things get bitchy, Otsuka reportedly calls Koda a "cheap nightclub hostess" and Koda counters that with a withering character attack about how Otsuka has 'no talent.'

Sry2say Koda Kumi but Otsuka Ai actually writes her own songs. Granted, she has yet to pump out a middle-eastern inspired jam, but she's getting on the slutty look. Be concerned, Koda, be very concerned.

Let me end with a picture that I feel sums up Koda Kumi quite nicely:



カシー said...

Ai Otsuka calling Koda a 'cheap nightclub hostess' = A++++ material. You just made my week.

I used to like Koda Kumi, but I've liked Ai for almost 3 years, and I think I can relate more to the non-STD'd female idols of Avex. Plus she's adorable. Someone who doesn't even wear pants should not be winning the best jeanist award.

Namiiiiiiie~ said...

Anyone with ears and eyes can see that Ai Otsuka is far more talented. She writes beautiful lyrics, inspiring melodies and absolutely sparkles live on stage--especially when playing piano. I don't know how Koda Kumi can call 'singing' through her nose and stripteases a career. I used to like her in her "Real Emotion/Come With Me" days but ever since that "Selfish" video, she's been going downhill =( She needs to remember it's about the music! D:

Anonymous said...

i watched the video with the little kids dancing and i was like WHOA WTF?!!! >> its so sad how little 10 yr olds r already wearing hooker/clubbing outfits when they cant even fill them out. and MATSUMOTO JUN SUPPORTS THEM?!


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