Wednesday, October 18, 2006

we cannot deny any of this


"you guys ruined my life."

"i think they might be, you know... lesbians."

"you really understand the good things in life, like food, men, and clothing."

"you fucking bitches. Why do u always start drama? just to amuse ur lack luster lives? think u look good? think ure fashionable?"

"so you may be kinda mean sometimes but i really don't care."

"I think you 2 are the kewlest people on the internet, seriously."

"People know of you and automatically assume the worst are missing out."

"Both of you - keeping the interweb real."

" pretty girls that try to defend the ugly&fat chicks so people think they are "nice." bullshit they are just defending them because they glad they aren't that fat and ugly."

"One of you has damn good style. The other is Fug."

"i know you're lesbians ok. just come out of the fucking closet already, you dykey whores!"

"there aren't many smart, talented and pretty fans like you in my fandom (and most of them suck dick btw)."

"I like you, but sometimes I snicker behind your back. I guess that's what the internet is for though."

"I think either or, or even both of you, would be great to have a girly slumber party with. I'm so lonely and only have dykey friends, please come to Japan. ;3;"

" I have concluded that you are young, and maybe a bit immature. "

"Your style matches your personality."

"You know you should gather some maturity."

look out, entertainment blog world.



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