Thursday, October 26, 2006

{VERONICA} suspicious, but we like it.

This site has only been public for like, 5 days and already 300 different people have come to Cho Scandalous and managed to NOT flame us. That's a pretty fucking huge achievement, especially for me, Livejournal's Biggest Bitch.

So like, awesome. We'll keep making fun of people if you keep getting off on it. In the meantime, hows about you hotlink one (or both!) of those hot buttons Yao made for the site and put them in your profiles/sidebars/AIM profiles/blogs/message board signatures/LJ posts/photobuckets/gaping assholes. They're stylish and flattering for summer and winter! And they make your tits look bigger.

Oh, and feel free to email us if you get any good scoops, hilarious pictures, or you just want to tell us that we suck. We can pretty much make anything funny, except maybe the genocide in Darfur, and that's not Asian news anyhow.

Less than three, bitches!



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