Saturday, October 28, 2006

{VERONICA} She's Leaking, She's Got the Drip!

It's articles like these that really remind us ordinary women that models are just- well, women. And sometimes women have really bad luck. Take, for instance, Japan's current top model, Ebihara Yuri. Everyone loves her. She is undeniably beautiful and nice. She got to play Inagaki Goro's girlfriend on TV. She even has a shrimp sandwich named after her. Yum. But when she went to Hawaii for a photo shoot, misfortune struck- in the form of a 6.6 magnitude earthquake!

"Ebi-chan was in Waikiki with her great rival, Moe Oshikiri, and other models to do a photo shot for the fashion magazine, CanCam. They were with the magazine's managing editor, a TV film crew and some local workers for the shoot," a TV industry insider tells Shukan Gendai. "They were caught 20 floors up in the elevator at their hotel when the quake struck. Ebi-chan had to take the stairs all the way to the bottom of the building. Once she got out there, she had to line up with a huge crowd outside a convenience store for over an hour before she could buy enough water for her stay. Things just went from bad to worse for her."

Definitely a bad day at work, but why all the sympathy? It turns out that Ebi-chan was in bad enough spirits already-- she had just recovered from a nasty case of pink eye! (gross!) An oozing, mucus dripping eye does not a happy supermodel make. Worse yet, sources say the infection came from none other than fellow CanCam model Yamada Yu, who is currently starring in Damensu Walker (TV Asahi). "Ebi-chan said at her Oct. 6 birthday party that the conjunctivitis had healed, but at one stage there her eye was all dressed up with so many ointments that it looked as though she was being treated for burns. It really looked painful. She'd only just gotten better and headed back to work when she was caught up in the Hawaiian earthquake," a stylist says.

The cherry on top of this itchy and irritated story? In true catty supermodel fashion, Ebihara made sure the next person to receive the cursed conjunctivitis was none other than her biggest rival and top CanCam and Vivi cover star Oshikiri Moe. Naomi Campbell, you could learn a lot from the models of Japan.



cho scandalous! said...

there is no time when pink eye is not hilarious.

Emma said...

Getting pink eye out of grade school is so incredibly embarrassing. Not that I would know... God damn you, Super Frosh. Unsexiest infection ever.


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