Tuesday, October 31, 2006

{VERONICA} movie news!

Please continue ogling those oh-so-juicy pictures of drunk Jin below if you wish, but we have a job to do, so on with the next topic! It's weird to even be writing this specific story, because I hate movies of all kinds. When I go to the theaters, even if it's a movie I want to watch, I get bored and end up playing Time Crisis in the lobby until my friends finish. I paint my toenails and read Jane Magazine while I watch Schindler's List. However, there are at least 3 new movies I will want to watch: Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette (which has nothing to do with this blog and has suffered enough criticism already), and these two films scheduled to open in Japan early next year.

A collaboration between Japanese and Mongolian filmmakers, Aoi Ookami tells the story of Ghengis Khan, feared warrior and Mongolian conquerer. this movie was shot entirely on location in Mongolia and has a budget of over 3 billion yen (do the math yourself, yankees.). Sorimachi Takashi stars in it, and let me just tell you-- he is hot. Hot in that manly way. Not that fake manly way, like Kimutaku (though I'd fuck him too) but like, the Nagase Tomoya-caliber, I'm-gonna-fix-your-car-and-then-fuck-you-while-we-eat-steak way. Don't act like it's not a turn-on.

But I digress. Listen, I'm a history major and my BFF Yao is an Asian Studies girl. This kinda epic biography shit makes us wet in the panties. In middle school (yes, we were geeky) we used to draw comics about Ghengis Khan and Andrew Jackson solving crime on the frontier. ...Don't act like it's not a turn-on.

Based on the incredible manga by Moyoko Anno and directed by photographer Ninagawa Mika, Sakuran tells the story of a young girl (played by Anna Tsuchiya) employed in the pleasure district of Yoshiwara and captures the rise, fall, and disillusionment common amongst geisha. I don't know how popular the manga was in Japan, but I've read it, and Tsuchiya is definitely the spitting image of the main character. She's always got this bad-ass, kinda crazy look in her eye where you're never sure whether she'd gonna slap you or grab your crotch. The real attraction though, besides the gorgeous visuals and top-notch casting, is the score, written and performed by Music Director Shiina Ringo. Yes, that's right, Shiina Ringo, Musical Genius and Goddess of All That Is Musically Holy. The ending theme to the movie, "Kono Yo No Kagiri" will be released as a single on January 17th, and will also act as the centerpiece to Shiina's yet-to-be-named 5th solo album, due out in February. I've actually shit myself with excitement like three times while writing this paragraph, no lie.



cho scandalous! said...

good god am i hot for both of these movies.

audrey said...

marie antoinette sucked.

Anonymous said...

i am hot for apples. thanks for the solo album news. best thing I've read since the johnnys photos post.

Dani Alex said...

Holy crap this is the most exciting post to me yet!
Manly man crush = Soimachi
Lesbian crush = Tsuchiya

I'm going to make a mess of myself when I see these.


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