Thursday, October 19, 2006

{veronica} it wasn't me, i swear

"Me and glue
I do--
I think about it every night
It's only right
to think about epoxy that you love
and squeeze it tight
So happy together..."

yun ho (UKnow?) from DBSK (TVXQ? ASDF? ROFL?) "accidentally" drank glue water this weekend and got his larynx bonded permanently to his uvula. i've put "accidentally" in quotes because:

1. who drinks glue on accident?
2. who drinks glue on purpose?

ugh back to acts who actually matter. this guy looks like yao's little brother james but with like, ten learning disabilities.


yao said...

also can we talk about how you shouldn't drink water with death threats taped to them amirite

Anonymous said...

he didn't drink it...
someone put it in his water
it was on the korean news paper
if u don't know the facts straight
don't say shit

YAO said...

oic he didn't drink it.
sry about not know the facts.

Anonymous said...

how can you not drink something that was put in the water that you put to your mouth and the water went out of the bottle and into your mouth. chinkychinky?

Eve said...

For someone who protests of the facts "not being straight", you don't know your own facts LOL

The superglue was put on the mouth of the bottle, Yunho's lips got a little stuck but they had him throwup just incase.

Get YOUR facts straight, fagggg lol

VERONICA said...

the two greatest words ever posted on this blog were "chinkychinky".

VERONICA said...

also, what the fuck, so he just looked at the glue then and it made him sick enough to go to the hospital.

this is why general macarthur wanted to drop 50 bombs on korea.

Eve said...

Micky Yoochun was supposed to drink it. The anti-fan gave it to Micky and looked at the note all creeped out, then Yunho was like "nah dawg, there ain't no antis in our fanclub" and took the swig instead.

Taking Yunho to the hospital to over-dramaticize?? SM wants to "make sure" their top idols can stay on the front page, y/y? idk, but it still provides me lulz


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