Monday, October 23, 2006

{Veronica} I WANT TO DIE

Nagase's Taxi-Driving Father Confirms "Lovey-Doveyness"; Are Wedding Bells in Sight?

The only thing I can use to describe my feelings at this are these emoticons from the tagboard.


evangeline said...

bloke???? wtf i smell british

and she is a fugly alien
he is hot

yao said...


Dani Alex said...

Didn't he learn a lesson the FIRST time she stomped on his heart with her pin heels? Nagase, I know you are dumb as a rock but COME ON.

Anonymous said...

I don't want them to get married, I just want them to have a baby out of wedlock. I just wish it was 5 years ago, then all the crazy Ayu fans would start getting knocked up without marriage if she did it! xD But really I just want them to take turns carrying the baby around everywhere. Because everyone knows that babies are the hottest fashion accessory for women right now. And a hot man carrying a baby = UUBER-HAWTNESS! And then they'd break-up and have a very juicy and public custody battle.


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